Blogging is the easiest online business you can start, but it’s also one of the most difficult ways to make money admittedly. Yet, there’s hope. There are plenty of examples of people living the dream with nothing but their blogs earning income for them leveraging the power that Internet and self-publishing gives them. You could be one of them too. You should, however, keep these basic principles of blogging in mind and prepare for it in the long haul:

Niche selection

It’s often been said that you ought to pick a niche you are most comfortable with – a niche that you like and you can relate to. I beg to differ. Never get into a niche just because you like it. For instance, thousands of people love gadgets and as a result, they would want to start a blog around gadget news, reviews, and information.

If you’ve been online for any length of time, you do know how saturated that niche is. It’s a similar case for “Money making” and “earn money online” niches. What’s glamorous might not be profitable. Instead, dig in. Go deep into your favorite niches, if you will. Taking the “gadgets” example, think of niches like:

  • Gadgets for self-employed professionals. 
  • Gadgets for the location-independent travellers. 
  • Gadgets for moms. 
  • Gadgets for cash-strapped students 
  • Electronic products for hearing-impaired. 

You are now catering to specific demographics, and not the whole world in general. Assuming you pick “gadgets for mom” niche, you will not use fancy jargon to explain gadgets, instead your content talks about benefits. You’d avoid using big words and use simple words, instead.

Don’t Advertise When You are First Starting Out

The big secret to blogging (for profit) is to not look at making profits from the word go. Instead, you’ll choose to provide value for a long time, gain traction, attract traffic, and finally choose to make use of the popularity of your blog for profits.

In the initial stages of your blog, any advertising would drive readers away. It’d make them feel that you are not there to add value to their lives, but for the sole purpose of making money. Admittedly, most of the networks that allow you to monetize your blog such as,, and text-link-ads, don’t even accept blogs that are in the beginning stages. They all look for blogs that have substantial traffic for acceptance.

Set a frequency, and stick with for life

One of the most important things for you to pay attention to – and one of the foremost principles for successful blogging – is consistency. There are thousands of blogs that die a premature death, just because bloggers are not consistent in publishing their posts, responding to comments, and interacting with readers in general – the very core elements that make a blog, a “blog”.

Depending on your time, budget, and resources, decide a frequency such as 3-5 posts a week. If you choose 3 posts a week, decide what days of the week the posts should go live. Work ahead of the schedule (and use auto-scheduling feature of WordPress) if you must. Take this principle of blogging as if it’s etched on stone. It’s a mandate, and not just a tip or suggestion.

Promotion is Critical

Most bloggers are normal people. Trust me when I say this, normal people hate marketing, sales, or promotions of any kind. You’ll have to step out of the ordinary and gather some gumption to start promoting the heck out of your blog.

You’ll have to learn to use SEO (don’t overdo it, though), Social Media, PPC (if you can afford it), and leverage many free methods of marketing. While your main content acts as the anchor, you’ll also contribute on forums, Q & A sites, and comment on other websites.

If you ignore promoting or marketing your own blog, there’s not much for you to look forward to, as far as blogging goes. Are you following these basic blogging principles? What are your thoughts? Let me know in the comments below, and I’ll be more than happy to help.

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