It’s easy to set up a blog and start publishing; what’s difficult is to sustain the momentum of blogging and keep posting blogs that are worth something to your readers. Due to the ease of starting with blogging, most individuals do start but hardly sustain and persevere. That explains millions of blogs that are not even updated regularly. I am not saying that there’s no money in blogging because there is. What’s important to know is the following:

Blogging is not enough. Doing it the right way is

Picking up a niche, buying a domain name, and then investing in a hosting account is great. But it’s just the start. What’s more important than the start is the momentum; your ability to continue to blog without ever seeing any kind of return that accrues to you.

You will see endless days of no income, no engagement from the community, not a single comment for any of the posts that you poured your passion into. It’s important to continue doing it without a reward. It’s easier said than done.

Content is the biggest open secret, if ever

Don’t fret and fume over traffic, SEO, SEM, PPC, Social Media, and a host of other seemingly important things most bloggers, business owners (online and offline) think about so much. All of these are critical elements of your online marketing strategy and there’s no denying their importance.

But without strong, valuable, and engaging content on your blog (no matter what niche you operate in or publish about), there’s no way you can keep readers coming back for more. You can only manage to get a reader to your blog once. If the content isn’t good enough, no reader is going to come back for the second or multiple times later on. Do all you have to, but start with great content first.

It’ll take time, no matter how well you do it

They weren’t kidding when they said that it takes time to make money or grab success. Blogging isn’t an overnight success story. Yes, you do have exceptions and there are cases when it happens overnight but you’d do better to count on merit than luck. Your hard work and focus has more weight than mere chance or luck. A blogger is an entrepreneur basically.

As most entrepreneurs, you should understand that any kind of success that you are looking for would only come about when you put in consistent effort, over time. There are no shortcuts, so stop looking for them. There are no secrets, don’t spend thousands of dollars looking for those.

It’s not about the traffic; it’s about the relationships

It doesn’t mean a thing in the world when X or Y number of people visit your blog each day/week/month. As most bloggers and business owners do, don’t get struck at the number of people visiting your blog. I say that, because millions of people visiting your blog doesn’t mean a thing unless they do something on your blog. You don’t earn a penny when people merely visit. You earn money when they take action. Every click, engagement, or response makes you money (in one way or the other). Stop looking for traffic and look for engagement instead.

To start blogging is the easiest thing to do. But the task of maintaining a profitable blog isn’t. It’s better for you to know this before you start blogging rather than discover the truth midway through your efforts in running a blog.

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