Setting out on an adventurous and entrepreneurial journey, as a blogger, is exciting, isn’t it? I’ll, however, admit that it’s a lonesome act. As a new blogger, you will barely have any traffic, receive no comments, have few links pointing to you, and you’ll often wonder why you started your own blog in the first place. While it’s a natural attribute of the blogging journey for beginners, no one’s stopping you from pumping up your efforts. Why take the normal route to blogging when you have the expressway?

Bloggers who just start out typically set-up their blogs (be it WordPress, Joomla, or Drupal), start writing content, try to build and engage with their fans and followers on Social Media, and do everything they can to build traffic). You could do this but with a rebellious tinge to it. Let’s see how:

Forget the Sharks; Look for Salmon

Thanks to generic advice, most beginning bloggers are taught to write, hustle, or probably even publish controversial opinion so that the “blogging greats” notice – you know the likes of Darren Rowse, Brian Clark, Rand Fishkin, or Robert Bruce? Of course, go ahead and get their attention, and do your best.

Don’t focus on them all the time because there are millions who are trying to get their attention too. Instead, focus on thousands of other bloggers who are trying just as hard as you are. Try to get “their” attention. They’ll be grateful that you took the initiative and they would love the attention too, wouldn’t they?

Learn to Give, and Give Some More

Rule number 27 (just made that number up, I am not running rule lists here): never expect anything (applies to life in general too). Second, get into the habit of selflessness. Be altruistic and think that the world needs you but can’t afford you at the moment. Give it your best on every blog, email piece, pitch, introductory email, tweet, and Facebook update.

Did you notice what happens on blogs like, Pat Flynn’s, Corbett Barr’s, and by James Clear, etc.? The best of the information is given away for free. They learnt to give, before they can expect to take.

Can you?

Learn to Outsource

Call it the “entrepreneurial seizure” or just register it as “fear”, most beginning bloggers do not outsource. They prefer to do everything themselves. When you try to manage, administer, write, promote, engage, and then manage some more, you don’t have time left to do what it takes to take your blog to the next level. With some amazing potential for less than the price of insurance for a car, per month, I don’t see why you shouldn’t outsource most of the work to others when they are prepared to do it all, no matter where your vendors are. Content writing, web design, social media management, general administration, and even book keeping can all be outsourced.

Multiply Activity on the Tried-and-Tested Route

Half-hearted attempts on running your blog will not even fetch you half the expected profits. If you are in here, better give it everything you got. Luckily, you and I know that there’s a tried and tested route here to get more traffic to your blog, for instance.

For instance: If an average, hardworking, passionate blogger writes 2 guest blogs per week, you step it up to 10. If individual bloggers spend 2 hours a day on social media, you spend 4. Multiply the activity and it’s hard not to get results when you work on the strength of volume peppered with passion and quality.

Publish a Book

If you will, you can call it leverage. But in case you noticed, writing a book gets you mental leverage in the minds of your readers. When you are published, you are deemed to be an expert. The trust levels go spiking up and when you saw something about your industry or if you have an input or opinion on any aspect related to your niche, you are taken seriously. Amazon allows you to publish Kindle versions of books and there are many more digital publishing avenues available today, so what’s stopping you from getting on the cover?

Average blogs sink in the digital quicksand; you need much more than just a blog with a few posts to make it work for you.

Are you in?

Photo credit: Michael Way

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