I was doing my usual surf yesterday and found a post on a blog by Christian Watson:

Color in Motion” is an impressive example of using Flash as an interactive learning tool.

Although the color theory that it presents is somewhat simplistic, I enjoyed the elegant, minimalist design, which makes the colors used really burst from the page. The use of sound is also good, particularly on the Movies page. Enjoy!

Just another example of how much easier it is to learn about something visually. As Christian says, it is somewhat simplistic. There is more to color theory than just what it shown in the movie.

It is interesting though to note how someone’s favourite color represents the type of person he or she is. I watched the movie above with my children. Each one has a favourite color and when we watched the movie for that respected color, we were amazed at how closely it reflected our very own nature.

Anyway, something interesting for you to look at over the weekend.


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