Do you need auto blogging software?

If you wander about on the Internet – specifically forums and communities where cash hungry, anything-will-do-as-long-as-I-make-money kind of folks lounge or if you purchase some “guru” products – you’ll often hear about auto blogging as a “great opportunity” and that you should try it.

One word: don’t bother with auto blogging.

I’ll explain.

Google Hates Auto Blogging and Software Driven Blogs 

Any attempt to fool search engines is frowned upon. It started with keyword stuffing into Meta information, duplicate content, and then on to auto blogging concepts. One thing is clear today than ever before: your readers, as well as Google, appreciate fresh, new, regular, and completely original content that adds value. Auto blogging just aggregates relevant and pre-configured RSS feeds straight to your blog.  How do you think auto blogging with software and other methods is going to achieve that for you? Do you think you can really make money from your blogging this way?

Auto Blogs Don’t Sell

If you are into Website Flipping or if you ever tried to sell your website to a prospective buyer, you’ll soon realize that blogs driven by auto blogging software have absolutely no value. Only blogs or websites with original content (in addition to some traffic, a growing list of subscribers, and some sort of incoming revenue stream) have any value whatsoever, and hence a higher sale value.

Auto Blogging Software Gives You No Control Over Content

If you set up multiple RSS feeds routed through your auto blogging software, you’ll literally have no control on the feeds that come pouring into your blog. All of your content is “derived”, meaning that it has nothing for the reader and it rings the bells for Google. On top of that, you have no way to know what content your auto blogging software imports. Really, do you want to trust unknown websites and their content on your blog?

Auto Blogging Software is Not Automation; It’s a Disaster

Your readers will not have anything to take away from your auto blog; your content is never unique; you stand the risk of Google taking your blog down; there’s no real way you can monetize your blog. Even if you do, most affiliate networks won’t accept auto blogs. Google will not allow you to operate Google Ad sense if you wanted to go that route.

Automation is good. But auto blogs with auto blogging software powering them is a “quickie” method that’ll surely hurt you in the long run.

If you have to run a business, you’ll have to put in the time, effort, and proper investments. Don’t be led by hype; do what really works.

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