Social Search or Q & A sites, as we know it, have been around for quite a while and these sites are easily overlooked by bloggers who are just starting out with their new blogs. Q & A sites can be a goldmine for your blog marketing efforts. Not all Q & A sites are worth your time, but spending time and effort on some of them is easily one of the best things you could do to promote your blog and gain visibility (and hence attract quality traffic).

For blog marketing then, this is pure gold. First, you get to establish credibility by helping and contributing to the ever-growing knowledge pool.

Here are at least 4 Q & A sites that you spend time on, every single day.

Quora is fast emerging as one of those places where serious discussions take place. Conversations on Quora are informative, collaborative, relevant, timely, customized, targeted, real-time and evolving. In fact, some of the questions and answers evolve into full-fledged information sources that could easily shame any paid information formats out there on the Internet. Further, Quora also has a bit of social thrown in where you can connect with others.

If you blog on any niche that’s about computing, Internet, or anything else related to technology, Focus seems to have a lot of conversations relevant to the above-mentioned niches and more. Often, business and management are discussed too. Focus, just like Quora, draws some of the best minds in the world into deep conversations.

For almost all known niches, Stackexchange probably has a Q & A spin off site ready for you to dive into. Armed with your blog URL and a well-written profile on the Q & A site  (there are plenty in its network), you are all set to tap into the power of social for your blog. While Stackexchange also has plenty of focus on technology and computing, there are many more niches to uncover if you look hard enough.

Linked In Q & A

How about a social network exclusively for business owners, employees, self-employed professionals and bloggers? Linked In is by far one of the best places for such professionals to come together and network. Additionally, the Linked In Q & A feature crawls out into a full-time Q & A site where many topics are discussed. Not only do you get to network, but you also get to learn, share, and contribute to the accumulating pool of knowledge. With roughly 165 million professionals who frequent Linked In everyday, there’s no way you could leave this opportunity on the table.

These Q & A sites – and millions who visit them everyday – mean business. They take a no-nonsense approach to content creation, social contribution, and general enlightenment for anyone who takes initiative to ask. There’s absolutely no spam on any of these networks and the potential for establishing your authority while opening up a channel for high-quality traffic, life-long connections, and a feeling of achievement is just a few sign-ups away.
What Q & A site are you on?

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