I assume that you have a raging fire in your belly. The blogosphere has been swelling unabated for years now. Countless opportunities exist online. Hundreds of thousands of fellow bloggers come online to make a start. There are numerous success stories to draw your inspiration from. In a nutshell, you have everything to gain and nothing to lose. So, how do you pump yourself up for this rather lonesome blogging journey? What does it take? What do you have to put in?

Don’t Read “Blogging Success” Stories; Get Inspired Elsewhere

I strongly believe that you shouldn’t be reading into any of the blogging success stories. I know I said it now, and it’s on print. Forget about the stories you read online about bloggers making it big. When they started, they had no competition like you have now. They didn’t have millions of blogs and magazines to compete with. You do. You are literally in a war zone and you better be prepared instead of relying on someone else to cover fire for you.  In short, online stories aren’t your best bet. Further, working online is just a matter of working your fingers on a keyboard and starting into bright screens. That’s hardly work, if you ask me, compared to how hard others had to work.

Instead, get inspired from real life stories. Pick up stories on entrepreneurs like Sir Richard Branson, Steve Jobs, Sam Walton, Michael Dell, Bill Gates, etc. Read stories of people who stood against all odds.  Go out and meet entrepreneurs online who struggle to get their start-ups to grow wings. You’ll not find real inspiration on the Internet; start looking elsewhere.

One Habit Makes it Happen: Reading

You do want to be successful, don’t you? Every successful person, research has it, reads all the time. There’s no downtime. Are you waiting in a queue for tickets or for boarding aircraft? Do you often wait for buses? Do you just stare at chairs and lounge furniture when you sit to meet people? What do you do when there’s a sudden lapse in a meeting and nothing seems to be happening? What do you do when you are traveling? Make it a habit to read. Nothing helps you more than the habit of reading. Further, as a blogger, reading is a direct input to your success. When you read well, you also write well.

No work; No Results

Most bloggers don’t realize that there’s certain amount of work – almost an insane amount of work – that lies behind every success story. It’s almost funny when I think about it. Let’s assume that you are blogging about topic X and you decided to keep the blogging frequency at 5 posts a week, Monday to Friday. Blogging success won’t come about until you blog Monday to Friday, every week and month, stretching into years and never missing a single day. All the while, each post has to be awesome, impeccable, well optimized for SEO, and each post also comes with the task of responding to every comment. You also ought to engage on social media following every post.

There’s the work of promoting your blog, getting traffic to your blog, etc. You might also want to guest post on other blogs to gain links, exposure, and credibility.

It’s a lot of work for 5 full years, at least. Do you think you really gave it everything you got?

It’s Alright to Fail

If you come with the typical true-to-earth, hard-nose, entrepreneurial mentality, you’d not even mind starting up 10 blogs out of which only one might be successful, and you’d still be fine with that. In the journey, you’d have one successful blog, 9 blogs that bite the dust, and a lifetime of precious learning. Who wouldn’t want that? Why would you not succeed after you tried everything and finally figured out a way to actually run a successful blog? Just like it takes a lot to make your first $1 million but it’s easy to gain momentum from there, it’s just as easy to gain momentum with your blogging success once you get one, single blog to work for you (even if you had to fail 9 times previously).

Don’t Blame Anyone or Anything, But You

Clearly, it’s not about the Internet, the state of the economy, or the business of blogging that’s the reason why most bloggers fail; the reason is bloggers themselves. If you thought that you failed or if you are in this fuzzy state of not knowing where you are going with your blog, it’s alright to be there. All creative people, entrepreneurs, successful business owners, and everyone else who have tasted any degree of success know this for a fact: a period of fuzziness, uncertainty, and depression is common. This pregnant transition period gives birth to your phase of success. How would you know if you quit before awesomeness begins?

The Lost Secret Called “Commitment”

Blogging – just like business – requires you to put in the work, develop your network or relationships, produce content like there’s no tomorrow, hustle, sit out late nights, start work before everyone does, engage with others,  invest, lose money, and invest some more. You might or might not see what you’d like to see at the end of this incredibly insane looking agenda, but you haven’t done anything if you haven’t tried it, have you?

This kind of drive is possible only when you are committed to your goals. Do you have a manifesto? Do you know how you want your life to be? Have you often imagined how your blog should look like, say 5 years from now?

Start now. What’s your blogging manifesto? Please post it here so that we all can get inspired again. What’s your story?

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