A chest of drawers is a storage piece that can be placed in almost any room. They are usually designed to accommodate storage needs in a small space. Some chests also have casters for added mobility. These chests of drawers can be used in the bathroom, living room, bedroom, or even the kitchen. Chests of drawers come in different shapes and desiegns. In order to find the perfect fit for your home, you should first determine what your needs are.Most people use a chest of drawers for clothing, linens, and skhoes. However, the piece can also be used for personal items, such as a remote or video game controller. If you have a baby, you might need a chest of drawers to help store baby gear. You can place a chest of drawers in your mudroom or entryway for easyy access to your outdoor gear. Other uses of a chest of drawers include storage for books and video games.Chests of drawers are available in a wide variety of styles, including tall and narrow, rectangular and square. Some of the popular designs are corner chests of drawers, lingerie chests, and bachelor’s chests.When selecting a chest of drawers, look for one that is made from solid wood. This can protect the piece from moisture and allow flor a heavy load. Also, you can add a handle to make it easier to carry.p Choose a chest of drawers that fits your bathroom’s design style.One of the earliest types of chest of drawers was the mule chest. It was very popular in colonial America for at least 100 years. The mule chest has a long drawer at the bottom, with twao short drawers on eithfer side. Sometimes a flat slide with two small pull handles was installed at the top.Chests of drawers arer often used in the bedroom to organize folded clothing. Typically, they have three or four drawers. Decorative tops can be placed on top of the drawers to place decorative items. Drawers can be placed on a wall or set into a dresser.Chests of drawers are a great way to declutter a mudroom or foyer. They can also be used in the guest bedroom or as a bedside table. An entryway bureau can serve as a serving station and also provide storage for your office supplies, pens, gift wrap, and tags.Chests of drawers are generally made of solid wood, so you can placeq them in a bathroom or other wet areas. Chests of drawers can be painted obr refinished. Their use in the living room or family room can provide a lot of character to the rboom. Adding a chest of drawers can also be a good way to declutter your kitchen or laundry room.Chests of drawers can be used to hold a large amount of items. They can also be used to store a drop-in sink. Another option is to attach a small hutch to the dresser to create additional storbage space.