Let’s face it: we take our lives way too seriously, don’t we? Our childhood and teenage years are fun but when we start working or start a business, we forget that we have a life to live. Think about blogging for example, can you create a blog and join in the fun that comes about while you run and profit from it?  Everything has to go through spreadsheets, countless discussions, meetings, and logical reason. It’s almost as if emotion ceases to function as we grow older. I think we do a big mistake by doing that. If only we treat our life as one big fun project. Life, though, is too big a subject and is truly out of scope for the subject at hand.

What if we create a blog and join in the fun? Can blogging be treated as fun instead of a business? Would it still work the same way? Can a new blog that  your create as something that’s fun, really make money? Is having fun while the big secret of blogging success?

Let’s see what happens when you do that:

Create a new blog and Join In the fun = No stress

Stress can kill – I’ll say it even if it’s clichéd. You will never achieve as much as you should if you worry all the way from start to finish. First, start blogging when you already have a steady stream of income (say from a job or from another business). This way, you’ll never have to stress yourself about income. Second, avoid giving too much importance to results. While I don’t mean to say that results are not important (because they are), my point is that results come in automatically when you are passionate about the journey (the process, the path you take, etc.)

Forget the money, where is the value?

As long as you remain focused on the “money” part of the equation, you’ll never have enough of it. It’s ironical, but true. Instead, focus on value. For instance, in the case of blogging, just think about the following:

  • Who is my reader?
  • When my visitors are done reading this post, what do they get out it? Did they learn something new? Perhaps they felt good, happy, sad, inspired, or convinced?
  • Is it true that whatever my readers get to read on this website is something that they don’t get anywhere else?
  • Is it true that information that’s of less value– in comparison with what they read here – is actually sold for a price while all this content is available for free?

When you start giving value, you don’t even have to think about earning money from your blogging since it’s an automatic and logical reaction when you provide value. Think about blogs like CopyBlogger, KissMetrics or SEOmoz — they are the best examples for creating value.

You are more important than facts and theory

Most people do the mistake of taking up the role of “teaching” and “lecturing”. When blogging is about presenting information in a personalized way, how is it that I find most blogs completely bereft of any personality? When blogs read like academic papers, why call these blogs at all?

This is a knowledge economy. If I come across something I don’t understand, I can Google and learn everything about it. But that’s not the reason why I read your blog. I read because of the way you express, the unique way you think, the way you use facts to convince or your keen sense of observation that stands as the base of your sense of humor.

When you start blogging with a voice, then every post you write creates value (as discussed above).

Blogging is another way to express, and to create something new. Just think of it as a relatively new way to communicate your thoughts to the world.

Are you ready to create a new blog and Join in the fun?

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