You’re probably wondering what’s going on with the new WebBriefcase blog look. I’ve always preached to others that your web pages should be quick at loading into your potential customers browsers. Your web graphics should be lean and mean … ready to load at the click of a button.

And here I am (or was) with my 40k header image at the top of my web pages. Talk about a big fat chunk of web graphic. Where was my head at the time I plastered the image on my site? I don’t know. I guess broadband is partly the culprit. And my habit of getting carried away when I create web graphics.

If this is the first post you are reading on my blog, here’s how my header looked like, pre-update:

Old header

Rather rich, hey. But not too good at retaining web visitors who seem to always be in a rush these days.

Here’s an excerpt taken from an article at WebmasterWorld Forum:

D) Page Size:
The smaller the better. Keep it under 15k if you can. The smaller the better. Keep it under 12k if you can. The smaller the better. Keep it under 10k if you can – I trust you are getting the idea here. Over 5k and under 10k. Ya – that bites – it’s tough to do, but it works. It works for search engines, and it works for surfers. Remember, 80% of your surfers will be at 56k or even less.

I managed to cut to just 15k. I know I can reduce it more if I tried but I’m happy with it as it is … for now.

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