RSS feeds are an essential by product of blogging these days. After all they allow us to keep updated on what is happening with other blogs. Plus they are a huge time saver as instead of having to visit each individual blog we like we can subscribe to their RSS feed quick and easy and read the updates in one convenient location like Google Reader.

In times of rush and lack of time, RSS really has given us a huge break to keep updated.

Get the right tools to feed your feed

Your blog feed can be much more effective if you follow a few simple guidelines. You have to make it easy for your readers to stay updated with your posts. The harder it is for them, the less repeat traffic you will get. One of the must have tools to allow readers to subscribe to your blog is the

FeedBurner FeedSmith Plugin: With this free service you can automate the whole subscribe to feed process and also see some neat stats about your traffic.

Another Plugin that might be considered is the Dual Feeds. While I recommend to publish full feeds, not every blogger agrees. This Plugin will make this easy, since it allows your reader to make the decision for you. They can choose between partial or full feeds and stay happy.

You should also display an option to subscribe to your feed via email updates for those who like this better. Since I have implemented this, my subscriber number has risen notably.

Social networks also feed your feed

Social networks are another great tool to help promote your feed to the world. You can join Blogcatalog to submit your blog. Many bloggers also use this network to connect with others.

Another popular network for bloggers is MyBlogLog. Once you are a member, new updates will display on your profile page for all community members to see. (You’ll have to set this first).

Last but not least go and claim your blog on Technorati.

Naturally, there are tons more ideas on how you can promote your feed. I think the best way is to start the action and then gradually build upon it to get more and more exposure for your blog.

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