Bloggers and webmasters often neglect an important aspect of their online presence with a less than desirable “about me” page. If you are a small or medium size business owner, your about me page will say a lot about you and what you can do for your client.

Failing to pay attention here could lose you a considerable amount of business. For social bloggers, this isn’t a concern at all. For entrepreneurs however, a dynamic about me page is a must and here is how you do it.

There are some main aspects which you need to consider first and foremost. These are:

  1. Information about you.
  2. Your expertise in your industry and how it can help readers and potential clients with their problems.
  3. Specific services you offer.
  4. How you can be contacted.

Information about you

If you put yourself into the shoes of your readers you will be much better equipped with the right mind set when it comes to providing information about you.

The secret to writing a dynamic introduction is not to bore people with stories of when you had your first day at school, or how your friend Nancy invited you to a cruise last year. Instead you want to inform, invite, connect and attract your readers enough so that they want to see more of what you have to offer.

I also think that unless you provide a picture of you (please make it pleasing enough) on the site’s home page, you will need to display one for sure on your “about me” page. It opens up channels for better connections because when people see a picture they are usually drawn to you more because they see you are human after all.

The information should be presented in a professional manner while not losing personal touch. You don’t want to sound like a robot.

Your industry expertise

To brand yourself as an industry expert you need to tell your readers what experience you have in your field. How else can they trust you enough to pay you for your business services. Having said this, it is good to put yourself in the spotlight, if you so deserve due to your knowledge, but refrain from gloating about your achievements. It wouldn’t go down well with potential clients.

A quiet confidence is much more attractive than boasting about your various achievements.

It also helps to spell out your services in regards to what you can do for a potential client. Don’t assume that people know you can do link building, article marketing, web site optimization and more if you list yourself as a SEO expert. New people to the Internet don’t know what this entails, that is why they need you and therefore you have to put each aspect of your service under their noses.

Specific Services

If you offer very specific services that don’t fit into your business description, then list them on your “about me” page as well. Many business owners find that after a time they venture into consultation. It would be a good time to list that now.

How to contact you

Many webmasters make the carnal mistake of assuming their readers know where to find their email because it is listed on the site somewhere. I can tell you right now that readers do not waste time looking for your contact details if they are not easy accessible.

The best way in my eyes is to provide a contact from to prevent unnecessary email spam on your “about me” page. Even better, list your email too for good measure and if you feel safe enough to list your address, do so, including phone numbers.

However, if you do consider to publish your email do it like this to exclude spam bots from harvesting your email with ease:

your email [at] your domain [dot] com

In closing

Instead of listing all of this info on your “about me” page, you can also create a “hire me” page instead and do the same. To keep either dynamic though, make sure to update it on regular occasions. Especially when your business or services change.

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