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There’s as many ways to make a web page as there are people, but there’s still some basic things you need to make a web page. This article will attempt to educate you on what is needed to get a web page up and online.

The first step in getting a web page is understanding the process of the internet. The internet is comprised of many computers called servers and uses a computer language known as HTML. HTML tells your computers browser which connects to these servers how a web page should be displayed. Therefore the first two things you’ll need to acquire to make your own web page is hosting on one of these servers, and web page designer or an HTML book.

Hosting is relatively simple to acquire and there’s two main types of hosting. The first is free hosting and is offered by companies who want you to make a web page on their site so they can display advertising and get paid for your work. The second kind of hosting is paid hosting provided by companies who’d like to get you online for a small fee every month or year. Paid hosting generally costs 5-7 dollars per month but can go upwards of there depending on the features you require. To find out more about paid hosting and recommended hosting visit the site below.

The next step in making your own web page is getting a web designer or learning HTML and CSS. You’ll have to decide whether you want to spend the time learning to program a web page or spend your money on a program to do it for you. Depending on the purpose of your website it should be an easy choice. Are you a business seeking to get online quickly or are you an individual seeking to have some fun online? There’s many options for the individual to setup a site for free using a blog, or simple web editor, and even HTML. If you’re a business I’d recommend either having someone do it for you or buying a program that does it for you. Paying someone to do it for you can be cost prohibitive, and time consuming despite the fact you aren’t the one doing the work. Using a web designer can also be a complex task but if you find the right tools you’ll go through it in a breeze.

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