Sure, it’s great to get website traffic. Search engines and people are most welcome! However, you don’t have to just count on one-time guests to drop by. Increase your visitor traffic by setting and using autoresponders.

Autoresponders, software programs that automate the process of replying e-mails that are sent to a specific address, can help increase your traffic if you just use them. In fact, the more you learn about your autoresponders and put them to use, the more visitors you can bring your way.

Ways to Use Autoresponders To Bring Website Visitors

Put your creativity and any private label rights (PLR) products you may have handy to work for you right away with autoresponders. If you don’t have any PLR goodies yet, head onlne and search for ’PLR membership’ sites and do some research. Then, you can:

  1. Set up an autoresponder to deliver a series of PLR articles. Include a link to your website at the end of each message in the series along with a short classified ad or blurb to inviting your reader to take action (and click the link!) For example, tell them to read more at your site or maybe click on for a free gift or to purchase a guide about what they’d just read. Then invite website guests to subscribe to your autoresponder to receive these articles for free.
  2. Offer your website visitors a free gift when they sign up for your weekly newsletter or ezine by signing up via your autoresponder. Then give them a free ebook via a link inside your first autoresponder message. In each ezine issues, also include a link to your site with a new call to action. You want to keep reminding people of your site.
  3. Learn how to use the Broadcast feature of your autoresponder. Then you can send out announcements to your lists of subscribers. Announce sales, new web pages, and more.
  4. Also reach out through your own email and signature files. Add the email address that triggers your autoresponders plus a tag line in each email, like:

    Get Your Free Internet Marketing 2007 Guide!
    [email protected]

There are many more ways to use autoresponders. Read more online articles for more tips and put the advice to use. Because the more you use your knowledge, the more traffic you can have coming in – increasing your leads and sales – many times over.

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