Granted, I’m not exactly the best social media disciple, but even I can manage to revive my flagging social media presence with a few simple tweaks to my daily schedule. One of the reasons why I stopped tweeting on my primary account is because of the time suck.

Recently, I wanted to boost some traffic to one of my niche sites in order to ramp up its income, so I did some minor tweaks to the way I promoted that site via social media. This article will show you what I did and what results I got from it.

Before I go into more details I want to make one  thing clear; since this was done for one of my best-earning niche sites I have no intention to share URLs or even screenshots with anyone. I’ve long learned to keep my niches close to my heart, and in doing so avoid a lot of potential hassles from ill-meaning competitiors. This practice has served me well over the years and I’m not about to switch tactics. 🙂

It Starts With a KISS

Actually the KISS stands for Keep It Simple Stupid and applies to social media marketing as much as anything else you do online. Far too many marketers try too hard to build their brand when all it takes is a decent sales funnel – nothing more, nothing less.

Where Are Thee?

The best way to funnel traffic from one place to the other is with a simple system. It’s important to make sure the system serves your purposes, and not that of your guru. Start by really brainstorming ideas of where YOUR customer/client can be found online.

Button Power

A WordPress blog/website without a social media presence is like a match without light. These days it’s relatively easy to use plugins such as the Sexy Bookmarks to promote your social media presence.

Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn – are a Must

If you really want to build your online brand you must use these platforms. Account creation can be as easy as DIY, or outsourcing the task for a few dollars to a social media expert.

But it doesn’t stop there. You also must link these accounts together if you want to benefit from increased exposure and traffic.

Get Ready for Mobile Branding

Today’s networking is mostly done from capable smart phones such as the iPhone, Blackberry, and others. Any self-respecting social media expert owns one of these sexy babies to stay in touch with fellow marketers while on the road.

You want to do two things to stay abreast of this trend:

  1. Optimize your site/blog for these phones
  2. Learn more about SMS marketing as this is the new marketing boon

Smart phones also give you access to a large number of apps. With the release of the iPhone4 you can now even multi-task (and yes, you can do this on the old iPhone as long as you update the software – just be sure to backup your settings first).

Utilize Social Hubs to Save Time and Energy

Social hubs such as are perfect if you want to combine your tweeting, LinkedIn updates, Facebook messages, and more. This free service lets you do it all from the one convenient account while simultaneously posting it to all of your linked accounts. Services like are a huge time saver for the busy entrepreneur.

The Potential Payoff

After putting all of the above in place on my niche site I managed to increase my site’s income by 23% within one month. Not a bad effort when you think about investing a day or so into the these tweaks.

Where to Next?

Once your social media presence has been set up you should automate the process of updating the sites by outsourcing the work. You can easily find capable professionals who love to do this work for you while you concentrate your energies on your business venture. The good news is that it is very affordable for most people. Just tweet your job offer to find eager freelancers… what are you waiting for?

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