Keyword research is one of the most important aspects of making money online. If you fail to choose the right keywords, money won’t come easy at all. Whether you are an affiliate marketer and promote other people’s products, sell your own products or build niche sites, you need to target the right keywords to attract search engine traffic because it is that kind of traffic that will click on your ads.

I think I’ve mentioned before on several occasions that social media traffic is great for numbers, but it does jack all for income. People who opt into social media networks are people like you. Most join these groups to connect with others and clicking on people’s ads on their sites is the furthest thing from their minds.

After all, you don’t click on them either, do you?

I understand that occasionally we do click, even though we know that the other person will make an affiliate sale. But if we are absolutely honest with each other, then we can also admit to the fact that we often buy stuff with our own affiliate link.

That is perfectly normal since you too want to save a few dollars here and there. But we are not going to discuss the why’s of clicking on ads. In fact, we will look at ways for you to research keywords the right way. This will give you a huge advantage over 99% of other online marketers.

These 99% have no clue how to do this correctly and therefore never make a cent. Maybe the figures fluctuate a bit and there is no way I know exact statistics, but in all reality, it would be right to say that the majority of people online never make a cent at all.

Newcomers often do the obvious; they copy what others are doing in the believe that they can do better. While this could work, it will only work for the very determined and switched on of marketers.

Eventually most people will give up when they fail to see results. The other half usually fails because they do …. nothing. Doing nothing won’t get anything done. Sadly though, it is exactly what most people do. Often it is because they are overwhelmed by the sheer magnitude of choices and ways to do things.

If you are overwhelmed I suggest you focus on one particular income stream and run with it until you hit pay dirt.

The key to result driven keyword research

If you want results and see your cash register go bonkers, then you need to change the way you research your keywords. Most marketers do this; they look for keywords that have the most possible searches thinking “wow, here is a market that has opportunity”. Next they hop over to Google and do a quoted keyword research to see whether this particular keyword is any good or not.

The problem is that if you do this, you could end up trying to compete with a high authority site. Any website or blog that has high authority and a page rank above 4 is usually a lot harder to beat in terms of natural search engine rankings.

Unless of course you are a link master, everything is possible then.

Instead, you need to learn to check the first page listings of Google for the sites authority levels. If the top three are above 3, then I suggest to keep your fingers off that niche. Instead look for a long tail niche in the same industry to increase your chances.

Another thing to look for is their on page SEO. If they show the target keyword in the search listings title, then they probably know what they are doing. This is especially helpful if you are toying between going for it, or leaving your hands off the niche.

The clincher

Once you have a fair idea on any given keyword, visit the Google Adwords Keyword Tool. It is free to use and will give you insightful information on good paying keywords for Adsense.

You can quickly see whether your chosen keyword will have the potential to pay you a lot of money every day if readers were to click your ads.

One thing to remember, for this to happen, you want to sit in position 1-3 on Google’s natural search listings.

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