If you’re looking for a way to attract more visitors to your site, why not start offering your visitors video screencasts that are informative and entertaining.

What are screencasts exactly?

Well, put simply, they are digital recordings of a computer screen which may contain audio narration or text captions or both. For examples of screencasts, take a look at WebBriefcase’s video screencasts section.

Screencasts are great tools for teachers, designers and business owners alike who are trying to show how to accomplish a task. It makes it easy for the viewer so that they can mimic what’s being shown or so the viewer can simply sit back and take in the information that is being displayed to them. It’s an excellent online concept!

You’re not just limited to “how to” tutorials, you can even create a screencast on the sections of your site. You know, a short tour of what your site offers. It allows you to show exactly what you have available to your visitors on video in a way that’s easily understood.

Increasing web site traffic

Screencasts can be extremely viral. That is, if you provide really useful screencasts. You’ll find many people referring others to them, without you having to even tell them to. For example, I’ve seen screencasts of how to use software programs like Photoshop and Microsoft Excel. The video footage is so easy to understand and is quickly comprehendable that it saves the viewer frustration and increases their productivity. And because you (the website owner), was so helpful in creating this video screencast, your visitor will come back again and again. But not only that, they will share your helpful website with video footage with their friends, family and even their collegues. It’s a win-win situation all the way around. Furthermore, if you host your screencasts using a service like GoogleVideo, you can make it even easier for people to share your video screencasts with others with “share this video” buttons.

Increasing sales conversion rates

It’s a fact that the more your prospects know about how your product works, the more likely they will buy it. Because then, they will know for sure if your product meets their needs. This is especially so if you’re selling software or online web tools. If your prospects have the slightest doubts about what your product does, then you can wave goodbye to them. Even your product is the exact solution for their problems.

Reducing customer support

You can also use screencasts for support purposes. By assisting your visitors you are working less and accomplishing more. You won’t be answering the same questions again and again. The visitor simply plays the how-to video footage as many times as they’d like and bingo – instant information!… It’s so quick and easy. Imagine customer support without screencasts. I’ve had times when I’m trying to explain what needs to be done but they just don’t get it. And in the end, it’s because your product is not user friendly enough and before you know it, you have a refund request.

So, you see, screencasts can be an excellent tool for your online business. And with so many softwares out there today, it is easier now then ever to create one. But more on this later … 🙂

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