For many webmasters, the first step to monetizing a web site involves using some sort of a shopping cart to allow your customers to purchase from you. To accept online payments via shopping carts, you will need some type of e-commerce service provider to manage all of your online transactions and payments.

There are lots of reputable e-commerce solutions in the industry that offers shopping cart features. Here are some of the more common and widely used e-commerce services:

  1. PayPal.

    PayPal is the most commonly used, popular and reliable ecommerce provider on the net today. They provide an easy and secure method for accepting payments on your website and via email. If you wish to take orders online with Credit Cards, all you need is a PayPal Premier or Business account, both of which are totally free to sign up to.

    • First you’ll need to signup a PayPal Premier or Business account. Use the following link to Signup:
    • Next you need to integrate the Paypal buttons into your website. Just visit the following link and you’ll find all kind of help to setup your shopping cart:
    • Paypal will also integrate into many other third party shopping cart scripts.

    Benefits of PayPal

    • PayPal is very easy to implement. You don’t need high end knowledge of CGI or other scripting.
    • No up-front fees are involved.
    • PayPal will maintain your detailed transaction records.
    • You can improve your buyers experience by using customizable buttons.
    • All transactions boast secure payments.

    GoDaddy is one of the leading domain and hosting provider with a long list of useful products and services. Their Quick Shopping Cart is very popular and easy to install.
    Currently GoDaddy offering three Quick Cart plans: Economy, Deluxe and Premium. You’ll find their latest prices by visiting the following link.

    You don’t need any technical expertise to install the Quick Shopping Cart. In just six easy steps you can install and publish your store, by visiting the GoDaddy Help Center where you can follow their instructions at:


    If you’re intending to create a custom online store or shopping cart, then Yahoo Merchant Solutions may be the best solution for you. For just under $40 per month, you’ll get a web hosting account, up to 100 email accounts, and the tools to set up your shopping cart in Yahoo’s starter program. Yahoo will also charge a 1.5% transaction fee for each sale under this package. The standard package costs about $100 per month and a 1% transaction.

    For more information, visit


    1ShoppingCart also provides a very nice and comprehensive shopping cart system. With 1ShoppingCart , you get a host of features including their shopping cart system. You can create shopping cart buttons, offer special discounts on your products, create gift certificates, automate email delivery with auto-responders and more. The 1ShoppingCart basic package starts at $29 per month and so on. Learn more form them at: .

So take time to see which solutions would work best for your budget and website. Then select the best-suited program to meet your needs.

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