SkypeIf you’re not sure what Skype is, it is one of the most popular VoIP on the net. While Skype can be used to make and receive phone calls on your computer, there are many other ways you can use it for your business. But let’s start with the basics.

Create an international presence

If a major part of your customer base comes from a different country from where you are, a SkypeIn number in that country can be very useful. If you were based in Australia, for example, but more than 50% of your customers are from the US, you could subscribe to a US SkypeIn number for as little as AUD$4/mth (USD$3/mth). That way they could call you for customer support and pay the price of a local call. If you’re not available, you can always forward your incoming calls to another Skype user (your virtual assistant, for e.g.) or you can even forward the call to a mobile or landline number. Or just set up a voicemail.

Provide conference call training with Skypecast

Skype provides a free service called Skypecast. Skypecast allows you to hold a conference call with up to 100 other Skype users. You could easily create conference call trainings with downline members or with customers or even with employees or contractors. Skypecast provides useful features such as muting participants or ejecting them from the session. And the good news is you don’t pay a thing. All you need is an internet enabled computer, a mic, a headphone and Skype version of 1.4 or later.

Create Interview Podcasts with Pamela

Another great way to use Skype is to conduct interviews with experts in your field. Note that this is only useful if your interviewee is not present with you. They could be in a different state or country, and as long as they have Skype installed on their internet enabled computers, you could eaily set a time and do an interview with them. To record the interview (so you can add it as a podcast to your blog), you can use a Skype extension software called Pamela. Pamela works seemlessly with Skype to record any conversation you carry out within Skype. The moment you initiate a call in Skype, Pamela will confirm if you like to record the conversation. Pamela also has a publish to blog feature which would make it even easier to create podcast interview series.

There you go! If that doesn’t convert you to a Skype user, I don’t know what will. 🙂

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