Starting your own blog today is as easy as shooting off an email. But running it successfully is as much of an adventure as entrepreneurship is. It is so because starting a blog and running it successfully is a quasi-entrepreneurship model. I say that because while it doesn’t take much to start a blog, it takes a lot of an entrepreneurial mindset to make it work. So what do you learn when you start a blog? What’s it that you get from it? Here goes:

Starting Your Own Blog? You Are a Different Breed, Aren’t You?

Search for terms like “make money from blogging”, “earn money from blogging” and you’ll see foul cries, frustrated blog entries, and tons of digital content that dissuades you from starting a blog telling you that there’s no point in starting one or that there’s a lot of competition now-a-days. Guess what? Starting a blog in spite of overwhelming information floating around that there’s no point in doing so, you are suddenly special. You go against odds. You stand up to fight norms. You choose to make a difference. You display confidence in yourself and your abilities.

I don’t know how successful your blog is going to be. I know, however, that you will succeed just because you took initiative.

Hard Work In Spite of Never Knowing When You’ll Get Paid

I admit that you might want to start your own blog for your own reasons (primarily to earn money through blogging), but that’s not what you first get when you start blogging. You won’t get anything except the smug satisfaction that you created something. You are able to write, publish content, and even develop your own following of readers. Yet, you won’t make money; at least not right away. Can you imagine what it takes for someone to work like this for years without any monetization?

Blogging Lessons are Life Lessons

Apart from taking initiative and starting your own blog and then working for years knowing very well that you won’t make money right away, you get precious lessons for life. In a small way, you’ll begin to source content from bloggers to build content for your blog, you’ll collaborate with graphic designers and programmers to help build and/or customize your blog, and you’ll even learn to engage with your readers.

Blogging, as you know by now, is to put your voice out. By that, you learn to express yourself clearly, handle differing points of view, manage negative comments, and much more. Say, where do you get to learn all this?

What do you think you can learn just by starting your blog? I’d love to hear from you so please do comment below and let me know.

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