Many newbies get confused about the different types of websites that they can make. In fact, most don’t even know there are different types of websites. Here’s a question that I often get from my subscribers.

What is the difference between a website, minisite and blog. What are their advantages/disadvantages.As a beginner what would you recommend I start off with?

Today, I’m just going to cover briefly on what type of sites are available out there and in the next few days I’ll go through the whats and whys of the more popular types.

Why Choose a Website Type

Why do you have to decide what type of website to build? Can’t you just open up Dreamweaver and use it to build everything and anything?

Ummm … no!

It would be great though wouldn’t it, if you could just buy that one magic software that could build any site you want easily and quickly. Unfortunately, there isn’t such a software. Especially not for us non-techies.

The reason you have to choose a type of site to build is because they require different web building tools to build. In fact, for each type of software there are many different tools to choose from. In a later post, I’ll cover the tools that are non-techie friendly but for now all you have to know is different types of sites requires different type of tools.

What to Choose From

Here are the different types of websites you can build. There are more but these are the more popular ones.

  • A micro site: This type of site usually consist of one or two web pages. It is used to create landing pages, opt in pages and sales letter type pages.
  • A mini site: A mini site has slightly more pages, usually about 5. This type of site is commonly used by small businesses to build an online presence. The site normally includes a homepage, a page about their services and products, a contact page, and maybe a pricing or rates page. These are also commonly known as brochure type websites.
  • A content site: A content site is just what the name implies. Its a site filled with content. Example content sites include news sites, article sites, how to sites … Many content sites offers visitors various ways to interact with the site. You could comments on their articles, for example, or rate them and cast your votes.
  • A blog: This is a smaller version of a content site. You’ve probably visited many of these. In fact, you’re on one right now. The distinguishing feature of blog site is the way content is added chronologically.
  • A forum site: I think this one needs no explanation. Although, many would add a forum to an existing site, such as a content site, you will also come across sites that are standalone forums with nothing else.
  • An ecommerce site: This site consist mainly of a shopping cart that showcases products. Pop quiz: What’s the most popular ecommerce site on the internet? You guessed it –

How to Choose?

The big question now is, how do you choose what type of website to build? Fortunately, there’s only one determinant – the purpose of your website. You have to decide what the purpose of your website is. What are you trying to achieve. Why do you need a website on the internet. When you’ve answered that question, it’ll be easier to choose.

In coming posts, I will cover the more popular sites in more detail. What the purpose of the site is and how they can benefit you. So come back soon.

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