Small changes to a website can often result in big changes in your ROI (return on investment). Check out how the following examples can make a big difference in your traffic, clicks and sales.

Simple Site, Tight Focus

Your site needs to load fast. So don’t add large image and other files that cause your site to load too slow, otherwise visitors will move along to the next site. Plus avoid wild color combinations, schemes, moveable graphics, etc, as they tend to distract, pulling people away from your prime objectives: to present your products and services and close sales.

Spelling, Grammar, Copy

Make sure you go over your site a few times to check for grammar and spelling errors. Ask someone else, too, for a second opinion. Then check your copywriting and make sure it’s up to par – -does it have a great subject title, lead in to draw readers, nice bullet list of features and benefits for your website visitors, testimonials, call to action – maybe a nice header graphic and matching ebook / report cover graphic and order button? Don’t be afraid to revise your main content here and fine tune your words and style. Hire someone to help, if necessary, at online bid sites like

Counting / Dating Devises

Leave all types of visitor counters off of your pages. Some visitors may misread them or make more out of them than is necessary. For example, if some people believe the count is too low, they may have lower perceived value for the site. If you just seek stats, use hidden counters or other types of control panel or other stats devices. Also update copyrights annually and get rid of time-stamping mechanisms. People may thing your info is outdated and click away.

Short & Sweet, Continue Growth and Development

Keep your website content short and to the point. People dislike scrolling for 20+ pages of nonsense. Give them what they need in a screen length or two, then have links for About Us and other info they may need. Then continue to grow your website as needed over time adding new pages, revising and updating old ones, etc.

Seek link exchanges, submit your website for one-way links and submit articles to introduce your website to others via informative pieces that have your website link in the byline or resource box. Continue to learn what works best and what doesn’t with websites and go get ‘em!

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