If you’re looking for ideas on what to do with your website or looking for some new content to spruce it up, check out membership sites that sell private label rights (PLR) content for ideas. You can find not only articles to use but lots of other helpful content and tools as well.

The PLR packages often come with different types of rights, but in general, you get the right to use the content as you’d like, revising it some before submitting to public directories (to avoid duplicate content submissions online). Sites that sell PLR materials today offer a variety of content, along with tips and tools on how to get the most of everything for your business needs. For example, you can get:

  1. Articles, Reports and Ebooks – All of these can be split up and used on individual web pages or even be repackaged. Insert ads and other money-making avenues (like banners, sponsor ads & affiliate links). Then brand with your own contact information, logo and URL. Sell them on your website or use them as free give-aways to attract leads and land sales.
  2. Autoresponder Messages – Load these ‘as is’ into your autoresponders. Ad your own classifieds to sell your reports and ebooks, and add your autoresponder form code to your website to get subscribers. Load up a series of articles to set up an ezine (electronic newsletter), too, sending out an issue each week (with an ad spot at the end of each message that has a call to action, inviting readers to click your URL.
  3. Graphics (ebook or report covers, order buttons, banners) – PLR images come in different formats so that you can open them in an image editor and revise them, if you’d like. Add your domain name to your report cover, for instance, and sell on eBay with it, so shoppers will know where your website is by looking at the cover.
  4. Website or Template (blog or HTML or other) – Use the mini-sites or blog and other templates that come with your membership and set up new pages or sites. Link up with your other sites and grow your own virtual real estates empire.
  5. Sales Copy – Revise the PLR sales page for your PLR ebook and toss it on one of your webpages. No hard work there!
  6. Audio and video clips – Add your PLR video and audio clips to your packages or use them on your web pages to help draw and keep traffic there.

Don’t forget to use the tools and other resources (guides, tutorials, software downloads, etc.) that come with your PLR membership. Put them all to use to get the most benefits and use of your purchase and to add great content to your website.

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