The unimaginable thing happened to me over the weekend. I stuffed up my main blog. So much so that I accidentally deleted the public_html file through my FTP server and as a result I lost not only my blog (which is on the /blog extension), but also my main website which was built with NVU.

I’m not too worried about the main site because it has been a thorn in my eye for some time. Since I update the blog on regular occasions, this hurt a lot more.

Trouble was that I didn’t have all the backups I needed and therefore lost a lot of my basic files, such as WordPress, Plugins, my themes, all images, and some settings.

I use the WP-DB-Backup Plugin which is a god send because it lets me send backups from my database to any chosen email account. You can choose hourly, daily or weekly. This Plugin is a must have for all WordPress users.

By using this Plugin I believed that if something happened I was covered. But what I didn’t know is that as a WordPress user I would in fact need two sets of backups to totally restore any blog as it was before things went wrong.

Home Directory Backup

The first backup you need to do as a WordPress user is a Home Directory backup. The home directory essentially contains your WordPress files, your Plugins, your theme and your images. To do this you will need to login to your cpanel admin. This can usually be found if you go to .

Once logged in navigate down to the icon that says Backups. It looks like this:


When you click on the link in the icon it will take you to another window that looks like this:

home directory backup

Click on the Home Directory button (circled in image above). Once you do this, a tar.gz file will download to your computer. This might take a while depending on your Internet connection speed and the size of your site. I’m on broadband and it took about 5-10 minutes. But my blog is 18 months old now and has a lot of content.

Make sure you save this file in a folder that can be easy found by you if the need arises. I saved mine in “Blog Home Directory folder” which is in my Blog Backup folder. You only need to do this once, unless you change your theme, or upload a ton of new Plugins you like to remember.

Other than that, you will also need:

Regular Database Backups

Regular depends on how often you blog. If you write one post per week, then using the WP-DB-Backup Plugin to set the download for once a week is fine. Other than that I suggest you use daily backups and delete older ones to keep clutter free.

If you do those two things and ever stuff up your blog like I did, you will have no problems to re-install all the files in minutes. To do this, go back to where you downloaded the home directory files in your cpanel (see image above) and to the right of the download section you see two upload sections.

These are pretty straightforward, even for newbies. Simply upload the two files as indicated and you should be good to go.

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