There are two different ways you can turn your WordPress site into an ecommerce site. First is to use an ecommerce plugin and the second, which I will cover in this post, is to use a WordPress ecommerce theme. If you don’t already have a unique theme for your WordPress site, using a WordPress ecommerce theme is one the fastest ways to turn your site into an online store: both in looks and functionality.

Although there are several WordPress ecommerce themes out there today, there’s one that I keep turning to when building online stores and that’s ShopperPress.

What Is ShopperPress?

ShopperPress is a premium theme developed by Mark Fail. And I must admit, this is one of my favourites. Adding ecommerce capabilities to your WordPress site does not come any easier than this.

ShopperPress comes in various modes. You can use it as a normal shopping cart system or you can choose from one of its other modes:

  • download website (credit system) – customers have to purchase credit packages in order to download your digital products.
  • download  website (instant download) – this is where you only sell digital products like ebooks or softwares that can be downloaded immediately after a successful purchase.
  • catalogue – this merely showcases your products without any option to buy.
  • amazon – no products, no problem. Just use this mode and build your own ecommerce store selling Amazon products.

Worthy Mention Features

There’s just so much that ShopperPress can do that I’ve decided to only focus on some that I think makes it different.

20+ Store Designs

This was one of the features that caught my attention when I first tried ShopperPress. If you’re

starting from a default WordPress install, these designs makes it super easy to build an ecommerce site with a professional look. Just select a Website Design from the General Setup and you’ve got a completely new look for your store.

When you first install ShopperPress, your default store will look something like this:

But you can easily change the design to something more specific to your niche by selecting one of the 20+ built in designs available. You’ve got from simple designs, to floral designs, to kitchen designs… You can use the designs as is or you can further customize the look by uploading your own main page image, your logo and other images. You can even choose what to show and hide on your home page and product page.

If you’re like to tweak the design even further, you can always access the source code but this will obviously take more effort and skill.

Products As Posts

This is another feature that makes ShopperPress stand apart from normal ecommerce plugins. Adding products actually uses the default WordPress posts feature. So, adding a product is as easy as creating a new post. Most plugins uses a completely different database table to add products.

The benefit of using posts is that each time you add a new product, it will appear in your RSS feeds. This will give you more ways to promote your product  posts.

If you already have a list of products, don’t worry – you won’t have to add them in manually. ShopperPress allows you to import your products in CSV form.

Affiliate Store

ShopperPress makes it easy for you to create an ecommerce website even if you don’t have your own products. You can easily import Amazon products into your blog. And use their checkout feature allowing you to run an Amazon affiliate store just like a normal web store with the affiliate amazon checkout tool.

You just import all products in a category or select just the ones you want. You have complete control.

You’re not limited to just Amazon. You can also import Ebay, Datafeedr (one of the most comprehensive affiliate product feed service out there) and pretty any product list that can be setup as a CSV file.

Other Features in A Nutshell

You can find out more about the other features of ShopperPress on their site but here’s a quick summary:

  • Built in shipping & tax options
  • Multi Language + articles/blog section
  • 20+ build in payment gateways ( PayPal etc)
  • Built in advertising slots
  • Setup your own custom fields
  • Coupon Codes
  • Built-in search
  • Custom fields
  • Full support for Google Webmaster Tools, Analytics and Adsense
  • SEO friendly

Just One More Thing

Having mentioned all the features and benefits of ShopperPress though, there is one time where you probably wouldn’t want to use it. And that is if you already have an existing blog and would just like to add ecommerce functionality to it. If this is you, you probably want the ecommerce part of it to match your existing blog design.

You can, of course, get ShopperPress to look similar to your blog in terms of color and fonts etc. But to get it to look exactly like your existing theme will take A LOT of work. You’re better off just using an ecommerce or shopping cart plugin.

Other than that, I totally recommend ShopperPress. Click on the banner below to find out more about ShopperPress.

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