As you set up your blogs and begin to work on your new online business (yes, blogging for business is a reality), it’ll be evident to you that you’d need to master many other skills. Entrepreneurship is difficult in the sense that the skill sets you have to master are purely dynamic in nature. Change on the web is imminent (as it is in life, generally). With that, everything you learn is rendered insignificant as time passes.

If you’ve been online for any length of time, you’d realize that social media is an important part of your online marketing strategy. While the benefits of creating a community, engaging with your networks, and to make relationships online are all apparent, there are a few other skills you pick up after all those Retweets, Likes, and relentless efforts to contribute to social media. Here are some unlikely benefits of social media marketing for bloggers:

It’s marketing, turned upside down 

Social Media marketing doesn’t operate the way traditional marketing works. In traditional media, you aim to interrupt and advertise. You hope to get attention by the principle of intrusion. By that, I mean that whether it’s a magazine ad, a billboard on a busy highway, or primetime slots on television or radio, you seek to interrupt viewers/readers and get them to pay attention to your message.

Social media is not about Interruption; it’s about engagement. It runs on the good old principle of relationships.  Think of Social Media networks as the nearest, global town hall. It’s like you are the sweet, little, small town girl heading to the nearest town hall wondering what the conversation is all about. As a result, the more endearing and interesting you are, the more the folks at the town hall are going to listen to you.

You learn discipline

If you spend too much time on Social Media, you’d obviously not get much in the shape of discernable results. If you don’t spend time on social media at all, then you are leaving one of the most powerful ways to do business online, right there on the table. If there’s anything you’ll realize – sooner or later – is that you’d learn how to manage your time spent on various social media networks. Some people I know, actually allocate X number of hours each for social media. There are others who invest in great social media management tools to manage time better.

Ever been persistent? Social Media makes you just that

Another welcome, but unlikely, skill you’ll earn from social media marketing is that you’ll become a raging, incessant, and thoroughly-leechlike online entrepreneur – you’ll become an incorrigible networker with patience that could shame a tortoise. Being successful on social media has a lot to do with this patience that you are likely to develop. Social media takes time and nothing about it ever instant (since relationships are not instant, by themselves).

You learn the value of giving

Social media management is all about giving, Think about it: you share others Tweets, posts on Google Plus or those on Facebook. The more you generously share others’ content (and nut just your own), the more traction and influence you earn. You seek to help others, answer questions, curate or collect information in response to a request someone in your network posted. As you can see, you do all this without expecting anything in return.

One thing I do know: all this giving makes you ever ready and justified to receive all that you seek later. Giving, as a virtue isn’t just for blogging success; it’s also the under-rated secret to building wealth.

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