I’ve never actually been serious about making money through Adsense before. I had a product and that was my main focus. But in the past few months I’ve been reading a lot about how people are earning thousands from Adsense. So, I figured … hey, why not give it a shot. It would make a good second income.

My initial attempt with Adsense was lame at best. Like many others, I just stuck one of those skyscraper Adsense ads in my navigation column. I was making about $2/mth. That’s not bad for beginners, right?

I left it at that for a long time. Sometimes, I wouldn’t earn a thing for a whole month. But I didn’t care because it wasn’t my main income.

Lately though I decided to buy some of the info products available on the net about boosting income from Adsense. I have to say that I’m quite disappointment with many of them. You know that feeling, when you bought something and wish you can just ask for refund but you feel bad about it because the authors did try their best.

So the e-books just lay there taking up your hard disk space, collecting virtual dust.

And then, I came across yet another product that looked more tempting then the rest. I kept coming back to read the sales copy. I really wanted to get hold of it but at the same time at the back of my mind “what if it’s like the others”.

After a few days, my curious side got the best of me and I purchased it. That month my Adsense earnings went up by a whopping 1341%. And I only started using it in the middle of the month.

I am SO excited. And the product? It’s called Adsense Tracker. It’s actually a neat software that you install on your server that will give you stats to see how your Adsense are performing. Which layout works best. Which color. You can even see which ad your visitors are clicking on and on which page. Plus which keyword they typed to get to your page which resulted in a click. That’s just the tip of the ice berg.

Not only do you get the software, you also get a report on which ad layout in which colors are statistically performing the best. So, you don’t have to start from scratch.

You also get a whole database of keywords that has high click income. Up to $39 a click. Can you believe that?

And if you don’t have an existing web site, or even if you do, you have access to 25,000 articles that you can use as content. I used some of these articles in my sample site in the WordPress tutorial series.

I’m really happy I bought this product. It’s hard to find a product these days that leaves you with that warm fuzzy satisfied feeling. If you’re having problems with your Adsense income. I highly recommend you get the Adsense Tracker.

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