I often believe that it’s best when you start small, focus on one task at a time, bootstrap, keep it simple, etc. Yet, you and I know that there’s no meaning in daily tasks when there’s no grand plan – be it life or business.

Your blogging goals, assuming that blogging (publishing) is a great business to start and run, ought to have grand plans too. Let’s see what you can accomplish with blogging, in a grand scheme of things:

Blog, as a magazine

If you think about it, blogging is very much like magazine publishing except that it’s your own magazine and it operates on a much smaller scale. But why not blow up the scale? While you might want to start small, you can always grow your blog into a magazine with multiple bloggers, a full-blown collaborative effort with contributors and editors. Content on your site is published much more frequently; you could have a collaborative content calendar that you can share with other bloggers and editors.

As you can see, it’s works just like a normal magazine operation would minus the spiraling costs since it’s digital.

How about a blogging empire?

Some bloggers would like to try out different niches or topics to blog on. Why limit yourself to a single niche when blogging when the cost of starting and running blogs is so low? If you go by the Pareto’s Principle, 80% of your blogs won’t make much money, but think about the 20% that will turn out to be profitable. Kickstart an entire empire of blogs and websites that you own, control, and profit from.

How difficult is that?

Blogging for clients

If you’ve mastered the art of blogging, of building communities, of engaging with your readers, and if you’ve managed to build networks others can kill for, you might just want to help others build their own blogs for a price. Your potential clients can include aspiring bloggers, businesses, communities, and almost anyone with a need to start blogging. Businesses, communities, individual service providers – almost everyone with (or without) a commercial intent needs professional blogging services.

Membership sites

WordPress blogs can be used as membership sites easily. With plugins, creating membership sites is even easier without ever touching a single line of code. Further, I also have a membership site package where you could just buy your way into a completely function membership site which you can start within minutes. The not-so-easy part is in actually starting a membership site in terms of:

  • What do you provide as a part of the membership?
  •  Why should your customers purchase this membership?
  • Do you have content that’s not available elsewhere? Is the content, training, and coaching — or whatever it is that your membership site delivers — worth the recurring monthly payment?

Blogging tech: Getting under the hood

If you understand HTML, CSS3, or even programming, you could take another route altogether such as providing blog set-up, WordPress theme customization, WordPress Themes development, etc. You could set-up a webdesign company, develop frameworks for WordPress, customize blogs for clients, and much more. Alternatively, you can blog about the technical side of blogging, WordPress tips and secrets, or perhaps about the business side of technology services.

Pick your choice. What would you like to do?

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