What makes a blog special? What’s that one thing that a blog has got that a website hasn’t? It’s the ability to engage with your readers through “commenting”.

Every blog you post (or every blog any blogger posts) is open for comments from your readers. While your blog posts state a point (usually your personal opinion on a subject you generally blog about) it’s the comments that lead to a discussion right under your post.  This is a venerable knowledge pool everyone benefits from apart from you being able to grow your audience, interact with your readers, build and manage a community.

While the standard commenting system that comes with WordPress is good enough for you to start with, it won’t hurt to have more features. How about making comments work for your benefit in one way or the other using some of the best blog commenting software? If you’ve been looking for the right tools for commenting, here are some worthy picks:


Disqus commenting system is by the one of the best commenting software for WordPress there is. It has a little community of its own owing to its popularity. Every comment others make is stored on the cloud waiting for you to respond to. Similarly, every comment you make in any other Disqus powered blog is also made available you to review and keep up with the ensuing conversations.  It’s a beautiful, intelligent, and highly intuitive system  you’d love to use.


One unique thing about using Comment Luv is that every comment you make exposes your most recent blog post on the host blog (the blog you visited and commented on).  Thousands of bloggers use it for easy exposure for their blogs ( from their efforts that go into commenting on other blogs), possible back links created, and extra streams of traffic.


This rather new blogging system is already popular among WordPress users and is a must-mention on this list of best blog commenting software – especially with those who have active social media profiles – since Livefyre connects (and automatically updates) your comments to your social media networks such as Facebook and Twitter. It’s incredibly easy to install (there’s a WordPress plugin), you stay in control of all your data.

Intense Debate

The Intense Debate commenting platform is yet another one of those awesome features that you can add to your blog. Just like Disqus, Intensedebate sweeps for comments across multiple blogs that use Intense Debate as their primary comment vehicle. Intense debate is one of the best blog commenting software due to a huge, expansive feature list. Comment threading, replying to comments direct through email, plenty of widgets, easy moderation, blacklisting, and connecting to social media through Facebook and Twitter. Take a look at the complete Intense Debate feature list and you’ll know why I swear by it.


This entry shouldn’t have been here, but I had to include it to dispel some misinformation. Some people on the Warrior Forum have been calling it as the best blog commenting software ever. Some even call it the “Swiss Knife ” of blog commenting. But we have been focusing on software that allow you to leverage your commenting efforts and not software that helps you find sources to comment on (which I believe you are a better judge of). I don’t recommend using this blog commenting software and I’d wager that you are better off any day by commenting manually on blogs that read regularly.

Armed with some of the best blog commenting software or solutions for your WordPress blog, the only thing you have to focus on is high-energy engagement with your readers. Respond to every comment, control spam, and your blog is sure to be the melting pot for knowledgeable, intense conversations.

How well are your comments working for you?

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