I am a big fan of Chris Brogan and I admire the way he built a huge following or community with his efforts on social media and blogging. I learnt a lot from him and I’d like to briefly share some secrets with you that’ll help you in your blogging journey. No matter what you run the blog for – you’ll find a need for all of these secrets to make your efforts worthwhile.

No Matter What, Be Yourself

When blogging, it’s very important to have your own voice and personality – the stuff that comes through your writing and that’s the only thing your readers can relate to since the information itself is available in many other places. Some of you might pick niches that are way too boring, yet you’ll have no excuses. Read this post on SeoMoz about how to develop content for boring niches, and you’ll have everything covered.

Focus On The Community; Not The Money

When you start a blog, don’t start it for the money. Ancient advice has always been, “the more you chase money, it becomes that much more difficult to earn it”. Instead of chasing money through your blog, chase relationships. Scout and look for engagement in your fledging blog and build your relationships, one reader at a time. Focus on building a strong, rapid community and earning money from your blog will then be inevitable.

Have a Publishing Plan; Get An Editorial Calendar

If you have a Google account, you have access to Google Calendar. Starting now, think of your main niche in general and start planning out to make an editorial calendar for your blog. You’ll get a few ideas from your keyword research. Start with these and then chart out a frequency for publication. Your blog is like a magazine. Determine a frequency for publishing such as once, twice, thrice, or all working days. Stick to your editorial calendar once you prepare it. If you think you’ll miss a day, work in advance.

Write For The User

There’s a science behind how to present your posts. While I won’t bore you with the science, make sure that you get the following right: always be brief and use images. Use big titles and subtitles (such as h2 or h3 tags) before publishing. Let there be some white space in between your paragraphs and try to work on list type posts because they are easier to read. After you get these basics right, see if you can supply screenshots when you explain something. Videos can be even better. Finally, have a way for people to comment on your post and share it on social media.

Don’t freeze in the past. Times are changing and so is the world of blogging. With millions of blogs already running content, you have your task clearly cut out: differentiate from the rest and provide value to your community of readers.

Are you ready to go? Do let me know if you’d like to share anything here in the comments.

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