Bloggers are united around the world by a common attribute. And that is to create content for the web via their respective blogs. As you know we all have different agendas with a blog. Some of us are stay at home mums who blog just for the fun of it and yet others run a small but powerful home business.

Then there are corporations who have finally seen how beneficial a blog can be for them and Realtors who reach out to the world with their listings.

Either way, blogs are as varied and fabulous as they come.

But recently we have heard some whispers about micro blogs. If you ever wanted to find out what a micro blog actually is, now is your chance.

So what is a micro blog?

A micro blog or micro blogging is the act of blogging small and brief text updates. Those updates can either be viewed by a small community or else by everyone, depending on the platform you use. Also, the messages are often less than 200 characters long.

The idea behind micro blogging is to stay in touch with friends, associates or even family by telling them what you are up to and hold small mini conversations.

If you are familiar with instant messaging such as Yahoo messenger or Skype, then you already know the concept of micro blogging in some ways.

But unlike with messengers were we type messages to a person (or rarely a group), with micro blogging many more people interact at the same time as they can all see your messages as long as they are within your “group”. Or you are in theirs.

The fascination with micro blogging I guess is the way in which we can interact in a busy world. Since most of us rush from one appointment to another it is often quite challenging to write regular and normal blog updates for conventional blogs.

Advantages and fascination of micro blogging

This perhaps is the big attraction with micro blogging. Instead of spending hours writing regular blog post updates, some bloggers have moved to using micro blogging platforms to save time.

The irony here is that once you start to get involved with micro blogging it is very hard to stop.

Believe me, I should now as I recently got hooked on Twitter. The only way to not get sucked into spending hours twittering about is to not login at all. But Twitter isn’t the only platform to micro blog.

I have compiled a list for you to check out:

  • Twitter
  • Jaiku
  • Pownce (also allows file sharing between your community friends)
  • Tumblr (a hosted thumblelog service)
  • Soup (a hosted thumblelog service)
  • Streem (a social thumble log service)
  • Chyrp is an open source engine that supports thumblelogs
  • Gelato CMS is an open source content managing system for thumblelogs

Blog or micro blog it’s your choice

Whether you keep true to being a normal blogger or move onto micro blogging is up to you. I guess it mainly depends on your time schedule and interest level. Heck, you could even do both for all I know. I’m sure this list will get your appetite going to give micro blogging a try if you haven’t already done so. Let me know how you go.

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