So, you want to create a blog site. You’ve heard of it. You’ve read a few. You’ve even posted some comments here and there. And you think you’re ready to create your own blog. Where do you start?

Well, you have several options. The easiest, by far, is simply to go to Open an account, choose a title for your blog, pick a template and you’re ready to start blogging. Blogger even makes it easy for you to monetize your blog by adding Adsense ads.

If you’ve never created your own web site before, this is probably the simplest way to go about it. That said, why then wouldn’t you want to start a Blogger blog?

Firstly, many Blogger accounts are being closed without warnings. is trying to combat spam blogs and in the process have affected many innocent blogs. So, if you’re thinking of using Blogger for your business. You may want to think again.

Another thing that I really can’t get over is the fact that Blogger does not provide an easy way to categorise your posts. I find it really difficult to read through a blog where all it’s posts are lumped in one topic.

Another alternative is is similar to Blogger. is great free blog service. They do allow you set up categories for your posts. The only thing about is you can’t change the template. Why is this important? Because I can’t add my Adsense code to the sidebar.

If you want to start off on the right foot, I would suggest you get your own domain name and hosting account and install a copy WordPress on your server. I know, it sounds hard but trust me, it really isn’t. As you will see in the coming WordPress video tutorial series.

The trick here is to look for a web host that has a “one-click install” feature that will allow you to install WordPress onto your server space with literally a click of a button. If you’re still looking for a web host, I recommend BlueHost if you’re thinking of running a full fledged online business.

Even if you already have a hosting account that doesn’t have this feature, don’t fret. As long as your web host supports php and you have access to one MySQL database, you can easily install it manually.

The great thing about doing this is you’ll have your blog on your own server space with your own domain name and you have absolute control over the look of your blog and how it works.

Anyway, I’m sure you’re eager to get started. So, I better work on those videos 🙂


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