In the early days of Internet marketing, a popular way to advertise a new product was to use a mini site and toss up some pay per click (PPC) ad campaigns at top search engines like Googleâ„¢ and Overture. However today, more in-depth content sites are preferred both by search engines and human website visitors.

When people surf the Internet, they basically seek information. And they find the information through targeted keyword searches. Hence website content needs to offer plenty of relevant information that will come up under these keyword searches via the search engine robots who dig and instantly find the best informative links to share.

Now, this does not mean that there is no longer a place in the internet marketing world for a mini site. On the contrary, a mini site still has its place. The trick is to know when and how to use it.

Unlike a mini site, that is used only when needed, a content site should form an integral part of your online presence. In order to create content sites, several main elements need to be focused on, each offering advantages over other types of websites out there including mini sites. Some of the key elements and their advantages are:

  1. Keyword Rich Content – Keywords trigger the searches, so sites need to focus each web page on a specific targeted keyword phrase. The more keyword rich content pages you have, the more chances of you attracting timeless and free search engine traffic.
  2. Unique, Fresh Content – Search engines don’t want all sites showing the same information. Neither do human visitors. So you need to make content sites unique reflecting your own unique selling proposition (USP)
  3. Regular Relevant Info – Offer plenty to not only reward visitors for coming to your site by giving them exactly what they were searching for – but more, too. Offer bonuses like free reports and ebooks, trial software and lots of goodies like digital photos related to your content, audio files, video clips, helpful articles, a forum for networking, ecourses, a regular ezine and more. Keep website visitors – and search engines – coming back!
  4. Credibility Building Content – A content site creates a great opportunity to build credibility within your market. Customers a more likely to form a bond with you from a quality content site than a mini “built only to hard sell” site.

Mini sites can certainly be part of the network of the content site. For example, a content site promoting medical products may have several mini sites linked, with each one selling its own unique ebook. And a page of the content site might boast an ebook store where all the mini sites are linked up. But mini site owners need to take steps to grow full fledged content sites for long term effectiveness and maximum return on the investment of their business’s time, energy and resources.

Thus ‘netpreneurs’ or online entrepreneurs need to create content sites today to bring not only search engines but people to their websites. People are online more often and for longer time periods today searching for information. Offer them plenty – so they’ll keep coming back and become regular shoppers – and send their friends, too!

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