In order to keep bringing search engines and traffic your way, your website needs to boast good content. But that doesn’t mean you have to sit down for hours on end to write great articles for your web pages. Instead, try some of these popular content generating techniques and strategies.

Content Generation

  1. Hire ghostwriters to help with your articles and blog posts. You can look for ghosts in your subject area by searching forums and asking for recommendations. And you can head to online bid sites like, post content creation projects to gather bids and then choose some and give the writers a try.
  2. Invite your website visitors to contribute. Place a note on your site that says something like, “Send in your articles (with your byline and link inside) and we’ll post them here for our readers, too!”
  3. You can also set up a blog or forum (or both) and invite guests to post comments, their own articles and other contribution. You can also offer file sharing, setting up an area where people can upload digital photos or videos, for instance, and share favorites.
  4. Search online article directories for lots of informative pieces in any number of targeted subject areas. Popular places like and allow you to publish their content as long as you keep the resource boxes in tact, generally linking to the writers’ websites.
  5. Search for private label rights (PLR) content on the web. Many places sell content like this with rights where you can go in, edit the articles a little to make them unique (or use “as is” sometimes, too. Add photos, quotes, graphics, video, audio…whatever you like…and use immediately.

Brainstorm for even more ways to get good content. And keep a folder going with all of them printed out for handy reference.

Content Tips

Whichever forms of content creation you use, keep in mind the following.

  • You need to offer quality content to your visitors. Don’t offer articles full of spelling and grammar errors. And don’t offer junk: sales pieces, articles full of erroneous information or useless prattle.
  • Feature a couple main keywords in each article, post or other form of content.
  • Keep a content log going so you know when to update your site. You want to keep fresh content on there; don’t let the site go stale.

Attract search engines and people to your website – and hopefully keep them there for awhile. And watch your business grow!

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