All of us are beginners in some areas of life. If you struggle with web design for example, then Bina’s web site building tutorials will be a great starting point for this. However, if you are afraid to show the world that you are indeed a total beginner, don’t worry as there are ways for you to go from beginner to expert in weeks.

I need to pre-warn you though. If you are hoping to do this with no effort on your behalf, think again. To be knowledgeable on any topic you need to spend some time getting acquainted with it.

Often hands on approach works best. This means, to become an able web designer, you need to get designing simple websites to get familiar with coding. Initially you will make many mistakes, but after a while things will start to fall into place and eventually the mist will clear from your eyes.

Besides hands on approach, there is a lot you can do to become more knowledgeable on any topic.

The first (obvious option mind you) is Google

Before I ask any question I always Google the information any which way to give me some answers. I would say 99% of the time I find my answers right there. It might not work on the first query I do, but after a few minutes of searching I always find tons of links that point me to valuable tutorials or answers to get what I was looking for.

If you struggle with web design, Google it and follow the advice of a site that looks like they know what they talk about. Test drive the suggestions (don’t spend any money at this stage) and see where it leads you.

Ask and you shall be given

Asking somebody knowledgeable for help is often a good way to get your answers. But before you do, you will want to make sure you tried everything possible to learn the answers without help.

One common thing experts all share is the belief that too many people are too slack to help themselves. So they turn to the expert instead to find the answer the lazy way.

Nobody will turn you down if you can prove to them that you tried find an answer to a problem by first trying to Google it, or at least spent hours trying to figure out a technical problem.

Read industry books

If you are not as familiar with Google you can always visit your local library for some on topic books. They are free to use and with some time investment on your behalf you can usually find ways to solve a problem fast.

Books can help you to design your first website, learn a new language in weeks or even make you an expert WordPress user.

All you need is time and hands on experience.

Share your tips

What is it you do to go from beginner to expert status in a few weeks, or sometimes months? Let us know so others can benefit from your suggestions.

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