Google is the queen bee of online search engines, no questions asked. While other engines have gained good recognition, such as Yahoo or Live Search by MSN, Google is still and will most likely always be number one.

The thing with Google is that unless you are indexed with them, nobody will ever know that your site even exists. Indexing drives a lot of people insane. They worry why their site hasn’t been indexed yet and they do the worst thing ever, namely to submit their site to the various search engines by hand.

While this does work, it is the worst thing you can do if speed is of the essence. Hand submissions take up to 3 months (and sometimes even longer) until they are being reviewed by Google or other engines.

Don’t waste your time.

Do it the easy way and get indexed within minutes or hours instead. The key here is to use a term that is still on virgin territory on Google, meaning it hasn’t been invented yet.

That is the whole secret to indexing. Invent a new word.

Or else you can also do a site search on Google for your newly created site. To do this, go to Google. In the search box type the following:


What this does is give order to search the engine for your site and if it is brand new, obviously it hasn’t been indexed yet. Since you just gave Google a prompt it will think that this information is wanted by an online browser and send of their spiders (robots) to look for it. Those spiders will search until they found your site.

Depending on the time of day, the topic under which your new site falls and the keyword you were using, this could happen within minutes.

No kidding. I managed to index a brand new blog on a newly bought domain within 38 minutes. Friends of mine even got their done in 10. It really depends on the niche since those who have less search results will get indexed a lot faster.

The supply of demand scenario.

That’s really all there is to it. You can indexed on Google within no time now and stop stressing about this once and for all.

Hope this was useful.

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