Knowledge fuels success, or so I’ve always believed. When you know more, you just tend to do better provided you apply what you learn, which I trust you do (the fact that you are reading this is indication enough). The Internet has come a long way from being a random collection of pages to a rapid, highly focused, community-led, knowledge base. Information – available through some really good blogging sites – is the new genie that can change your life; and it can grant more than just three wishes, as you can well imagine.

I thought it’ll be a great idea to list some of the best sources on the Internet for tips, tricks, blogging inspiration, blogging ideas, and much more. Here’s a list of 8 good blogging sites you should bookmark today or subscribe to.

Call it the original encyclopedia of blogging, if you will. This site has been around for as long as I know and it continues to attract thousands of aspiring bloggers on basics, tips, and more information on how to start blogging, how to blog better, and how to monetize your blogging efforts. It’s one of the few, good, reliable, blogging sites available for free, even today. Darren Rowse started and he is a blogging poster boy you should pay attention to.

Founded in 2006 by copywriting genius Brian Clark, is where you should go if you want to improve your writing (blogging) skills. It’s another one of those good blogging sites on the Internet that’s pure gold. It’s ranked as one of the world’s best blogs, and it makes it to the world’s most powerful 50 blogs. Brian has also been featured in many books by Seth Godin, author and the new age marketing guru; Jonathan Fields, author of Career Renegade; Chris Guillebeau, Traveler and author of the $100 Startup; and many more.

BloggingPro is yet another very good blogging site you should bookmark simply because of the continuous stream of tips, information, tutorials and tips that you get to access for free, apart from the fact that it’s a vibrant blogging community. It also features a popular Job Board that lists plenty of blogging opportunities for freelance bloggers.


Simple, short posts make up for the bulk of the pages on and it’s a good blogging site that’s been around for a while. While it’s not as glamorous as and are, it’s still a blogging site full of handy tips. It still retains the charm and simplicity of a reader-friendly, clutter free resource – the way a good blogging site should be.

Andy Wibbels

Sophisticated, opinionated, intelligent, and highly informed – that’s what Andy Wibbels resonates with. His blogs are fun to read while they are loaded with information presented with flair. I particularly love his sense of humor, his unique take on all things Internet, and I absolutely love his blog’s design. His web site is an example of good, simplistic blogging. By Pat Flynn

You do love making money online using your blog, don’t you? Pat Flynn is an inspiration for all of us bloggers. Unlike many other marketers who take pride in keeping secrets, Pat Flynn is as generous as Mother Nature. He takes pride in helping his readers do what he does, and teaches by example. He does something first (like generating a niche idea, or starting a niche blog) and then reports his journey. Make sure you sign-up for his newsletter and subscribe to his feed. 

Mathew and Adam Toren — two brothers who started — have a really good blogging reference site for bloggers from all over the world. The two brothers also published a book called Small Business, Big Vision. was also featured as a “go-to” resource in Marc Ostrofsky’s book titled Get Rich Click. The blog has a magazine-like format and has talks about blogging in general, entrepreneurship using blogging as a core model, and much more.

Yaro Starak — another one of the very established, long-time, blogging gurus — has had going for a long time. His blog is full of information on how to make money blogging while also serving as an inspiration to countless readers, for years now. I personally like his easy, approachable, and friendly way of expressing his thoughts and ideas.

Bonus resources:

Blogging ToolBox from Mashable 

101 Essential Blogging Resources from

70+ Resources on How to Start a WordPress Blog By Kristi Hines

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