Links are the cream of every website and blog on the net. Without links, you might as well stop right where you are. What many newcomers to the online world don’t realize is that they won’t get traffic just by writing a blog post every now and then.

The whole picture is a lot deeper than that and once you understand this you will look at online marketing in a whole different way.

When I came online I made all the classical mistakes of a newcomer; I joined hundreds of social networks, I spent hours in industry related forums in the hopes of getting a bunch of traffic and bought just about any money making product under the sun. You can probably guess that this didn’t make me any money at all.

What it did however is allow me to build a huge network of online friends and acquaintances. While this is “nice”, it doesn’t pay my meals as most established marketers don’t click ads on other people’s sites.

It took me a long time to understand that while social networks are groovy for social traffic, they do jack all for income. I should know because I had tons of traffic from sources like Stumble Upon.

If you want to make money online (and most people do), then you need to learn the power of links. Finally I have come to understand this myself and now instead of building a pretty niche site with all the bells and whistles I first build traffic to that site. This can be done via several means:

  • Blogroll exchanges with like sites
  • Comment links on dofollow blogs
  • Article marketing
  • And link buying
  • Farm blogs
  • Scuttle runs with BMD

The last three however are hot topics because the big brother doesn’t like it when people manipulate the search engines to gain top ranks.

If you think about trying either of these, I suggest you get informed well before you do something silly. The worst thing that can happen to you is if your adsense account gets banned. This means you will only be able to monetize your site through affiliate products. There is nothing wrong with this, but it is better to have options, don’t you think?

Building links should be your main priority in any website or blog promotion. The more links you have pointing to your site and the more juice is passed to you from high PR sites, the higher you will rank for your keyword.

A good way to get started is to take one site and work it until you rank high on Google. Once your main traffic source comes from search engines only, monetize the site with your preferred choice. It also pays to build a decent site that will earn you money for years to come.

I know certain people prefer to use black hat techniques that makes them fast money but I would never do that myself because all the work you do is short lived. In the end though it is your choice.

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