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This is the first website type in the Different Types of Website Series.

What are mini sites?

A mini site is simply a one- to three-page website. Maybe 5 pages at most. Actually, technically, a one page website would be more of a micro site but for the sake of practicality, I’m going to include it as a mini site. The tools you need to create both are pretty much the same.

Mini sites are very simple sites. They don’t involve any flashy graphics, plug-ins, scripts or anything else that is too complicated. You’ve probably come across many of them without realizing that they were mini sites.

Mini sites come in various forms. And depending on who you ask, you may get different answers when you ask what a mini site is.

  • Salesletter sites: An internet marketer will tell you that mini sites are salesletter sites. Very much like the two page mini site I created to sell my ebook How to Create a Website – The Non Techie Guide. One page for the salesletter that you see and another “thank you for buying, please click here to download” page.
  • Brochure type site: If you tell a web designer that you want a mini site created, they will probably create a static brochure type website with not more than 5 webpages, unless the web designer is also an internet marketer. In which case, see above. You can tell that a site is a brochure type site with its infamous “about us”, “product/services”, “pricing/rates” and “contact us” webpages. With copyright dated 5 years ago. You see, once built, brochure type sites are rarely updated.
  • Mini sites: And lastly, lets not forget the Mini Cooper S enthusiast, who will tell you that mini sites are the 53 international sites created for the Mini car.

Personally, I would also include the namesqueeze page (a.k.a. opt in page) as a mini site. Name squeeze pages are simply webpages built to collect names and email addresses of people who might be interested in what you have to offer. Such as the one I have for my Make Your Own Websites in 5 Easy Steps e-course.

Why build mini sites?

Mini sites are an ideal start for newbies who have no web building experience whatsoever. Simply because of its sheer simplicity.

You don’t have to worry about linking tons of webpages together. You don’t need to install scripts. You don’t need to learn any complex application. You don’t have to purchase expensive software. In fact, there’s a software that you can use for free (more about this later). You don’t even need a specialized hosting account. You can host mini sites on pretty much any hosting service out there.

To top it off, it is also one of the most efficient ways to profit from the internet. It takes minimal time to set one up. My How to Create a Website – The Non Techie Guide, for example, took me less than a day to put up and continues to make me money today without me having to make any changes to it.

How to build mini sites?

If you’re game enough to learn a bit of HTML, you can build your mini sites with nothing more than a text editor such as Notepad.

If you’re not, you can get a software such as the free Nvu/KompoZer to create a simple mini site. Nvu/KompoZer is a great WYSIWYYG web building software.

You can check out my Nvu Tutorial Series to learn how to use Nvu.

Once you learn how to build a mini site, you are armed with enough basic knowledge to be able to choose between website solutions. You’ll also have developed the basic skills that will allow you to make minor changes on other website types without having to hire an expert.

Next up in this series … Blogs!

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