In my last post on Build Killer Niche Sites With Blogger I explained how easy it is to set up a blog that gets a lot of traffic in no time. But what is a blog with traffic when there is no money, right?

Monetizing is the key to making a good online income and once you get the hang of this you will be laughing all the way to the bank.

Although it all sounds great, it isn’t as easy as that. Monetizing a site will require some in debt trials on your behalf. You will make many mistakes and hopefully learn from those.

The niche blog I used in my last post is geared toward the celebrity industry. While it got some decent traffic all along I had trouble to monetize the site for ages. I tried all sorts of combinations.

  • Google Adsense (don’t bother with this on celebrity sites as the PPC is dismal.)
  • Clickbank (nothing)
  • Mixed media (nothing)
  • Affiliate products (nothing)
  • eBay (Bingo)

As you can see from the trials and tribulations I’ve had I didn’t hit the jackpot straight away. Far from it. I had to study what worked, look at my stats and try other avenues once I saw that I was trying to fish in the wrong pond.

This lead me eventually to choosing the right model.

What I learned that might help you

One thing you should never do is try to mix and match your advertising platforms on a niche blog. If you wonder why that is, here is the reason.

If you mix and match you will drive away customers and possible sales by confusing your readers. They see a Google Ad and think wow, this is what I need, then they turn around and see an affiliate ad and suddenly they are confused as to where to go. In the end they take your site for what it’s worth and click away without having spent any money.

If you think about this some more it actually makes sense too.

Streamline your efforts to funnel your visitors energies. See, you need to show them what …

To do!

If you guide your readers to click on certain ads because those are the only ones to be found, you effectively manage to funnel their energies to your desired action.

This takes practice and the best way to practice is do keep building those blogs.

A good friend of mine does this very successfully. He builds Bloggers blogs and then tests each one until he finds the perfect monetizing model for each blog. He is now so successful with this method that he barely needs to do anymore testing. He has developed a killer nose for what is working and what doesn’t and thanks to that nose his monthly income is around the $10,000 mark.

All done with free blogs mind you.

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