I’ve finally finished playing around with Nvu. I still can’t believe that I never heard of it until lately .

Anyway, what do I think of it? Not bad. It’s actually based on the Mozilla Composer web editor. If you’re using Netscape composer to create your web sites, then Nvu will look very familiar.

If you’re not familiar with Nvu (pronounced as "N view"), it is a WYSIWYG web editor. This means that you can create your web sites "visually" without having to know how to code. Nvu has a word processor like interface.

Though it’s possible for you to create a website entirely from the WYSIWYG interface (or Normal mode), you can also tweak the source code if you need to, using their Source mode.

Nvu also includes a template feature and a site manager which is useful for those who want to create more than just the mere web page.

You can also publish your web site to your server using their internal FTP feature. But if you’re going to have quite a big site, it’d probably be better to use an FTP software.  

To sum up, if you’re currently using Netscape Composer to create your webpages, Nvu is a sensible upgrade. Not only does it have additional features, it is also not attached to a package i.e. you can install Nvu without having to install other stuffs e.g. browser, email client etc.

If you’ve never created a web site before, than Nvu is not as easy to use as CoffeeCup’s VisualSite Designer.

Did I mention that Nvu is free? Well, it is. Which could make all the difference to you if you’re on a budget. So, check it out. You can download it at http://www.nvu.com/ 


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