Many of you may have heard about a slew of blogging and web building tools. But I just came across a new one called Squarespace and decided to review this site which has been getting a lot of buzz lately. I wanted to know if all of this attention was justified.

After logging onto and reading through the site I decided to test it out myself. But I must say Squarespace is so user friendly because it allows you to have a web presence using a platform that’s easy to manage, yet gives you the ability to put together a website quickly and easily, while also offering a nice selection of templates. Whether you are making your website for personal use or you need a professional website, Squarespace allows you to do both.

For those who are not techies and don’t want to take on the frustrating task of learning HTML, cascading style sheets or complex design programs… but for those who simply want access to a professional looking web presence, Squarespace looks like it has it all! You get total control over your site with powerful publishing tools not available with other “do-it-yourself” programs. You can create your own blogs, have access to files, your own webpage – the options are endless! After trying it out I was able to whip out a site in about 20 minutes flat! And my site looked clean and professional.

Even if you begin using Squarespace as a blogging tool… it gives you the option to grow as an online publisher, while allowing you to reduce the clutter of your content and make it more readily available in a more organized and effective manner for your readers.

But what’s best about this online tool is that you can access your website online from any computer by simply opening an account with them. Everything is completely integrated into the Squarespace platform. Although there is a fee to use Squarespace, it’s well worth it. You are always allowed to upgrade your service or lower it based on your needs and you will not be penalized! Now how’s that for service!

The fees are very inexpensive too. They range in price from the basic package of $7 per month to the advanced package of $17 per month. Your file storage space is based on those prices. However, it’s very reasonable for a service that offers so much.

According to the Squarespace website it says:

“With your Squarespace subscription, everything is included. Squarespace replaces the need for forum software, blog software, a web host, databases, statistics software, and a host of other development and content management programs you’d need to integrate to get a similar website. You pick a plan appropriate for your needs, and Squarespace handles the rest.”

With all of this available to me I knew I couldn’t go wrong. They offer a professional blogging package for those that are a part of or want to be a part of the blogging world. SquareSpace offers more features than the regular blogging platforms currently available online. With this heavy-duty, easy-to-use tool you are able to use RSS, feeds, spell check, XML-RRC pinging, comment management, member registration, ATOM, multiple authors, timed publishing dates and a whole lot more. It offers so much for so little but it’s well worth it!

I think Squarespace could be THE ultimate solution for an online publisher. I guess time will tell.

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