If you’ve ever tried search engine optimization, you know it’s not exactly a stroll through the park. That’s not how it appears if you ever do a search for how to make money online. If you start searching for that keyword term, you’ll be bombarded with sites that promise that making money online is easy and that SEO is easy, too.

But let’s face it. If SEO was easy, consultants wouldn’t charge hundreds or thousands of dollars to get their clients to the number one spots in Google, Bing, Yahoo and all the other major engines. But you don’t necessarily have to be an expert at SEO in order to get the top spot. There is a shortcut and using WordPress is the first step in getting there.

Web Traffic

We all know that our websites need traffic if we want them to succeed. However, to get that traffic, you have to show that your site has authority. You have to let the search engines know that your website is worth ranking because you provide quality information and you do it often. You can do that manually, or you can use a few WordPress plugins.

Related Posts

WordPress Related Posts is an search engine optimization plugin that will generate related posts automatically through the WordPress tags. Basically, it will find related posts within your blog, related posts throughout WordPress.com and even related posts from the mainstream media. This will build backlinks automatically which will bring you an instant increase in traffic.

SEO Smartlinks

This plugin for WordPress makes search engine optimization extremely easy, and automated. SEO Smartlinks automatically links keywords and phrases that are found in your posts and comments with related posts, categories, pages, tags, etc. from your WordPress site. Talk about not having to be an expert. With this plugin, you can also set up your titles, keywords and descriptions for each of your pages automatically.

Those plugins are great for search engine optimization through internal backlinks. But what about external backlinks? Thankfully, there’s a plugin for that as well. It’s called Web Traffic Genius.

Web Traffic Genius

Web Traffic Genius uses RSS feeds to dominate the search engines by quickly creating quality backlinks, which will increase your page rank and will quickly bring you that search engine traffic you’ve wanted for so long.

SEO Pressor

So far, we’ve discussed plugins that can improve your blog SEO without much effort on your part.  If you are willing to put in a bit more work, then getting a plugin like SEO Pressor can take your blog right to the top.

SEO Pressor will actually analyse your content and give you suggestions on how to improve it to make it more attractive to the search engines. This does require more work though. But the result is worth it.

Who wants to spend time optimising their website for the search engines, and who wants to pay a consultant to help them optimise their site? With these WordPress plugins, all you need to do is install them and let them do their thing.

Even if you’re somewhat clueless as to how true search engine optimization is done, you’ll be able to raise your position in the SERPS faster than you ever imagined. Never before has it been easier to build quality internal and external backlinks in a way that allows you get plenty of search engine traffic so that you can get the leads and sales it takes to succeed.

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