Most bloggers are concerned about SEO and how they can rank on the first page of Google for their chosen keyword. Naturally, when you first come on board as a brand new blogger, you have no clue about all this geek talk, but soon enough you will start to grasp the more finer points of SEO and why it matters so much to your online income.

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If you are into blogging to make money, you’ll need to become SEO savvy and become Google’s best friend, no matter what other people say. Without a regular stream of organic traffic, your pockets will stay empty. Unless, of course, you are prepared to spend money to make some.

In reality, you don’t have to do that. You can actually make money without any down payment whatsoever by using a free blog over at

For the purpose of this post though, I don’t want to talk about blogger blogs, but about how you can rank on Google by applying some basic SEO when you blog.

Post Title: Your post title should contain the main keyword you are targeting. For those of you who use WordPress blogs you can actually name the title whatever you want and use the post slug from within your write screen to nail down on the keyword you target.

Post Content: Many people always talk about keyword density and how important this really is. In my experience this hasn’t influenced my rankings at all as long as I followed some basic guidelines.

The first keyword should be placed within the first sentence of your blog post. It also helps if you repeat this within the first paragraph as the search engine spiders often index the beginning and the end of an article.

Use keywords in the post itself naturally. If you force it, the post will look unnatural and won’t be readable by your readers. Don’t do this. Also try to supplement your main keyword with as many supporting keywords as possible while you write your post.

Google will actually like this as it recognizes the relevancy of the relation giving it higher keyword authority while crawling your site with the search engine spiders.

The last paragraph should also contain your main keyword in the last sentence.

Tags: Tag your post with lots of relevant keywords

Metatags: Metatags are important and should contain your keyword in several forms. The best way to get them indexed properly is to use the All in One SEO Pack Plugin for WordPress blogs. It will make the job so much easier and more effective. The search engine bots will index these tags and keywords with ease giving you an unfair advantage against your competition.

That’s really it. Using these methods I have managed to rank over and over again on the front page of Google, often in the first position whenever I choose to do so. Naturally, the more competitive the keyword is, the longer it will take to rank, but if you combine this with link clusters within your blog and set out to build incoming links to your blog, you will get there with time. It really doesn’t need a degree to understand the basics of SEO.

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