Site Build Them – maybe that’s what Ken Evoy should have called his cutting edge Site Build It! Site build them is a better name because Site Build It! does not only make it easy for you to build a web site but it also helps you build traffic and an income. Yup! Even if you have no idea what you’re doing.

I’m not telling you this from what I’ve heard from others. I’ve had first hand experience. In fact, I was so impressed, that I recently transferred to Site Build It!

Previously, I decided to start a completely new web site just to test this whole concept. Here’s my traffic statistics. Please keep in mind that this is not my main site, so there are times when a whole month would pass by and I would not have even visited this site.

Unique visitors
Page views
Feb 2003
Mar 2003
Apr 2003
May 2003
Jun 2003
Jul 2003
Aug 2003
Sep 2003
Oct 2003
Oct 2004

Not bad, hey? For not doing much.

Here’s what I did. I signed up for a Site Build It! account, read their welcome e-mail, read their action guide (I didn’t even read their full Action Guide. I didn’t have the time. I read their FastTrack Action Guide), followed the advice in the guide, registered a domain, start building web pages, signed up for a Google AdSense account a few months later, stuck Google Ads on my web pages and presto.

I managed to build a web site, build traffic to my web site and build income (received two $100 check from Google). And I didn’t even spend much time on it.

Seeing its potential, I decided to transfer my main domain to Site Build It!, so that I can tap into the power of Site Build It!‘s ‘site build them’ features full time. I have only just done this. If you’d like to keep up to date with my progress, feel free to sign up to WebBriefcase! Just fill in the form in the right column.

If you’re not quite convinced just yet, Ken has even prepared a web page with results from others who have decided to make the plunge. You’ll find web sites in many different niches. You can take a quick look at these results here.

Conclusion: If you’re a newbie or even a veteran who requires a traffic booster, why don’t you site build them with Site Build It!

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