I was browsing my Bookmarks today and notice that I had bookmarked a link to my De.licio.us account. I’ve been meaning to populate my De.licio.us bookmark page since I added the ability to bookmark posts on this blog to online social bookmarking services.

For those of you who are new to social bookmarking, it is becoming a very popular way to bookmark resources on the net – allowing you to categorize sites, links and topics that interest you.

So, instead of adding simple bookmarks to your favorites list in your browser, you can actually save sites of interest to you by saving your bookmarks online and tag or categorize them according to subject and keyword. It also allows you to keep track of popular content online.

This new craze in social bookmarking has now raised the bar of modern technology for businesses and website owners alike.

Social bookmarking is a simple method that can create huge results! If you currently bookmark, social bookmarking should definitely be added to your list of “must do” tasks!

There are tons of free social bookmarking sites available online. All you have to do is create an account. Then begin populating your account with useful links and sites of interest to you. You can bookmark articles, information and other useful pieces of information that you find online.

Your ability to categorize pieces of information that are of interest or useful to you can allow you to create a huge list of resources which can impact your business or daily life immensely. Your newly organized personal resource center will save you time and avoid frustration.

Remember the times when your computer crashed and you lost all your bookmarks? Well, worry no longer. Social bookmarking has solved all of your worries since your favorite bookmarks/links are saved in your account online, which you can access anytime from any computer anywhere in the world. You can even share these favorite links with other users!

But, the best part about social bookmarking is once you create your account and populate it with sites of interest to you, you can then create useful feeds that you can always add new and fresh information to. This is a huge plus for any site owner that has useful articles and websites they would like to share with other online users. The ability to share resources opens up a whole new world. Talk about free EXPOSURE!

It’s all about managing your web experience and sharing useful information to other like-minded users. And the extra exposure never hurts either. Just think promotion, promotion, promotion – a huge advantage for online businesses!

Interested in social bookmarking? If you’d like to try it out, you can open a free account at De.lioci.us. It is probably the most popular social bookmarking service out there today but you’re more than welcome to try other services. Just click on one of the bookmark icons at the bottom of this post.

In the meantime, I’m off populating my social bookmarking page.

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