If you are looking to spice up your blog, then this post will give you simple tips on the how to. Humans are visual beings. We judge every book (and human) by its cover, whether this is the right thing to do, or not. It’s just in our nature that we look at something, or someone and make up our opinion within seconds. The only way to escape this behavior is on a conscious level.

Blogging with Visual Appeal

One of the best ways to add visual appeal to your blog is with the help of pictures. Pictures speak a thousands words, and I have already covered this topic in great detail in the post “What Does Your Bog Say About You.”

Tips to Do It Better With Pictures

The first place you should look is in your blog’s header. Do you currently feature a custom banner design or logo? Or is your blog looking boring with a simple text title?

Blog banner design is not expensive. You can even do it yourself with free software such as XHeader Pro. This software already comes loaded with banners for many niches, but you can create your own with a few simple clicks if you feel brave enough to tinker.

You won’t need any special abilities to design a nice looking header for your blog, just a bit of time and a willingness to improve the look of your blog.

Use Stock Photos for Posts

To add visual appeal to your blog posts use stock photos from sites like iStockphoto, or Fotolia. You can bulk-buy images for as little as $1 a piece. They really do make a huge difference to the way your blog looks and feels to your readers.

If you are tight for cash use Flickr’s Creative Commons, and don’t forget to give attribution.

Enable Avatars in Your Comment Section

To give your blog further visual appeal it is recommended you enable avatars in the comment section of your blog. You can do this under settings.

Avatars help your readers to brand themselves while commenting on other blogs. Plus they are a great addition to the design of your site.

Consider Using a Favicon

Favicons are the tiny images to the left of website URLs. They are a great tool to help you brand your site because when you have a range of tabs open on your browser your Favicon can stick out among the lot (provided it is attractive and unique).

Making your own Favicon is easy with this tutorial. For an even easier slack approach you can also use the free Favicon Generator.

Break Up Your Paragraphs

One of my pet hates is to see a chunk of text that goes on and on…. and on. Please do yourself (and your readers) the favor of breaking up paragraphs into small sections. Use a maximum of 3-4 sentences to help the reader with browsing.

A blog with broken up paragraphs looks a lot more attractive. Adding plenty of white space is key in authoring a good looking, and easy to read blog.

Have fun. Blogging is about creativity. It should be your creative outlet to communicate your views and knowledge with the world. Adding spice to your blog is simple with the above tips.

Happy blogging


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