Did you know that Squidoo is a great platform to build your own blog totally free of charge? The Squidoo blogs are actually called lenses and they can resemble anything you dream off. I have personally built about a dozen lenses and I use them for affiliate marketing.

How to get the luscious into Squidoo

Given enough thought, detail and promotion, these lenses can actually be very rewarding in terms of earning some extra money. The hardest part would be to decide on how you want to build your lens. For the purpose of being successful and actually selling stuff from them, you will need to take a step back and look at what you are knowledgeable about.

The reason being is that you will need to write some related information in your lens and the more you are comfortable with the topic at hand, the better the lens will be. Alternatively if you are good at research, you can also create a lens in no time and use it to sell affiliate products from.

Choosing a keyword

To make money with Squidoo lenses they work best when we build them keyword focused. If you build a lens just for the purpose of informing others about your trade, services or knowledge, then you don’t have to worry about this.

For affiliate driven lenses however, this is important, since the keyword will help to drive traffic to our lens.

But where does it go?

Pssst – into the URL of course. When you first design your lens, you will need to use your keyword as a main extension of the Squidoo URL. So if you are making a lens about nails, then your URL would be squidoo (dot) com/nails.

The hardest part would be to actually come up with a keyword that hasn’t been used yet. This is why it helps to subscribe to newsletters in the industry since you will always be one of the first ones to know about an imminent launch.

Guess what you do as soon as you know that product “hit777” will be launched in two weeks time?

That’s right, you go and snap up that Squidoo URL because if you do, you will have every chance at getting some nice traffic and making sales. Especially if the launch is huge and a famous Internet marketers is involved. This will create enough stir in the blogosphere to give you some leverage if you act fast.

It doesn’t stop there

Choosing the right keyword targeted URL doesn’t actually make you any sales. Traffic does. The more traffic you get, the higher your chances are at converting it into money. Just to give you an idea, I have one particular lens that makes me one sale every month on average. The sale is worth between $40-50 and I only update the lens once in a while.

Imagine what you could do with 10 of these? I leave the math up to you.

The secret of Squidoo lies in tagging

If you really want to take your lens to the next level, you will need to tag it as often as you can. When you first create your lens you will only choose three tags. Make sure they are heavily related to your main keyword.

Now for the next 30 days or so login to your lens every day and add an additional tag that is related to your topic then hit republish.

Guess what, every time you do this, the search engine spiders will come to crawl your lens and your ranking will improve.

After your first month is over, update maybe once a week to keep things moving.


Another important part of using Squidoo for free is their modules. The modules are designed to give you flexibility to style your lens different from the rest. You can choose from modules such as:

  • Amazon
  • EBay
  • Plexo
  • Poll
  • Link list
  • Flickr photos
  • RSS
  • and much more

The choices are virtually endless and since Squidoo makes the most income with those modules, they love it when you add several of them. I normally choose at least 3-4 to get my lens of the ground and every now and then I even get a couple of dollars commission from Squidoo too.


In the end, you will have the biggest success by spending some time on your new Squidoo lenses before you hit publish. Once the framework is in place, all you have left to do is promotion.

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