Don’t leave your website promotions up to only one or two tactics that others have brought to your attention as the ‘latest fad’ to try like making Squidoo lenses and posting Craigslist ads. Yes, those can certainly work – and work well. However in addition or at least at the onset of your launch, if possible, make sure you have a solid foundation in place for your promotions to ensure well rounded traffic and leads regardless of fads that could phase in or out at any time.

Ground your website promotions with solid:

  1. SEO – Let your website sell itself to search engines and start with a solid foundation at the same time with good search engine optimization (SEO). Learn the latest SEO tips and tricks by book marking and regularly checking these popular places online for SEO help, news, ezines, reports and more:
  2. Article Marketing / Content Posting – Write articles about your industry, niche, company, latest news, products and services to use on your website, around the net and with offline sources if possible. No junk or hype, now. Only give out solid information to readers. You don’t want to irritate them or offer them junk to read. There’s enough of that out there on the net already.

    If you have difficulty writing, get help from library books and other writing resources and / or hire help form a freelance writer or ghostwriter. You can also purchase private label rights (PLR) articles online and customize them to fit your needs with simple revision work.

    Once you have the articles ready, add a byline or resource box to the end. The goal here is to invite readers to your website for a free gift: to sign up for your weekly newsletter and get a free report or ebook once they subscribe.

    After you’ve tacked on your resource box, submit the articles to online directories. You can either:

    • Search for “article directories” in your favorite search engine and then submit the articles manually to each site
    • Hire a service to submit them for you like
    • Purchase article submission software or a subscription to third party service providers to help you with distribution.
    • Submit your articles to offline publishers and media channels for further outreach. Don’t be afraid to offer some info in the form of press releases and queries to editors to see if they’d like articles slanted for their upcoming editorial calendars. Check with freelance writing books at the library for tips on how to prepare press releases and queries and where to submit them. See for help, too.

Do any combination of the above for the greatest reach and linkage to your site. Ground your promotions and grow your business from the bottom up!

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