A popular way to generate traffic with targeted leads is by using private label rights (PLR) content with auctions on eBay, one of the most popular places that generates targeted traffic online today. Follow these simple steps and bring your share of targeted shoppers to your website.

  1. Get (PLR) content. Search online for “plr membership” and a couple hundred thousand listings come up immediately. Review programs in your budget that offer the most for your business. Some PLR sites come with private label ebooks, articles, autoresponder messages, ebook covers, websites, sales letters and more – everything that coordinates to help you package and sell.
  2. Revise and brand the PLR content. Get help as needed with this stage, as your budget allows, or you’ll get behind adding new products to your product line and also marketing them. You’ll want to set up a quick assembly line type of system where you go through your PLR ebooks and other content and first revise as needed, inserting quotes, graphics, digital photos, charts and any other original content – turning them into guides, manual, tutorials, etc. Then you want to brand everything – add your URL, contact info, help desk link, etc. And then add money-making revenue streams: insert ad spots / classifieds / banners with affiliate links, Googleâ„¢ Adsense, etc.
  3. Package short reports from your PLR, using your PLR articles or parts of the ebooks, some your own content, etc. These will be used on eBay. Also create ecovers for them to use as graphics of eBay. And direct people to your web pages in these reports.
  4. Prepare site, shopping cart and autoresponders. Prepare web pages for your products, one page for each. Load the graphics, revised and targeted sales letter with call to action. Add your Paypal or other shopping cart button and set up autoresponders for Thank You’s and to offer your immediate download information.
  5. Set up eBay auctions. Use some of your sale page content and your report cover graphics in your listings. Then start auctions low, around 99-cents. The goal is to generate leads, not large sales, form these auctions. You want people to buy your reports, then head to your web pages to buy your ebooks, guides and other products.

So join thousands of others on eBay. And get your fair share of traffic, too, targeted shoppers who want to come to your site to learn more and get more of your products.

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